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Agents Of Mayhem

Another new team for Agents Of Mayhem has been revealed and it shows more of the Agents Of Mayhem characters to wreak havoc with

Here we go with even more of the roster for Agents Of Mayhem getting filled out as another team for the game has been announced and shown off. This means three more of the characters that Volition have been working on for this over-the-top title here. Some of which have been seen a little bit in the past for Agents Of Mayhem but more or less are just here to show off just a bit more of the twelve character cast we will have. With August 15th coming up quickly here this is something we all need and want done with the quickness so we can see how different and unique they should all be.

That all said, these three characters for Agents Of Mayhem don't feel like they are doing the rest justice though as it looks like we have to "ninjas" and a thug. How they all team up well is a good question, but here we have Oni, Kingpin, and Scheherzade in action and shooting things up. At least shooting things up in their own different ways even though they do feel like a bit similar to many of the other characters we already seen for Agents Of Mayhem to date. Maybe it is all just how these videos are being cut and they will play and feel different in the full version of the game. Fingers are crossed as we sit back and wait.

Have a look for yourself though and be the judge. As with all of the things with Agents Of Mayhem though, I'd take it all with a bit of hesitation as Deep Silver has been pushing more of the flamboyance for the game and the nostalgia factors and unless it took a massive redesign since last I played, that isn't going to be the big selling factor of the game. It's just all eye capturing for Agents Of Mayhem and not much more really.

Agents Of Mayhem — Firing Squad

When LEGION's most sinister troops are wreaking havoc, the Firing Squad is the only team you can count on to get the job done. Meet Oni, Kingpin and Scheherazade.

What do you think of the Firing Squad for Agents Of Mayhem as they stand here? Do you agree that the combination seems a bit off and that it feels like we've seen these characters before in other forms for the game? Do you also agree that it feels like the showing of the game so far isn't representative of the gameplay that has been published out there or will it fit right into the Saints Row franchise as it was gear to do? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Agents Of Mayhem as we head to the launch date, keep your eyes glued to the site. We will have more for cure and you won't want to miss it.