Lone Echo Is About To Launch Us Into Zero-G

Lone Echo

A new trailer for Lone Echo has dropped to get us all ready for the release of Lone Echo and its multiplayer side of Echo Arena

Hopefully you've taken advantage of the many great deals going on for the Oculus Rift as it looks like we have another great tittle to add into the mix with Lone Echo getting its exclusive release on the system on July 20th. This would be the latest title from Ready At Dawn that will place us all in the virtual space of…well…space as we take on the role of an astronaut's companion after some mishap takes place. By companion I'm talking a robot with our intelligence who is able to handle all the harshness that Lone Echo has to offer in way of problem solving to keep our captain alive and us still functioning. All in the fun VR setting and floating around the rings of Saturn. Sounds like a blast.

In addition to Lone Echo, there will also be a multiplayer version of the game, Echo Arena that is also dropping and dropping for free on the Oculus as well. At least free for a short time as it is uses the best parts of the core game to give us all a new and interesting multiplayer game on the device. Not many VR games can make that claim and it looks like Lone Echo wants to be part of that new and exclusive club. I am sure that it will all pan out well given what we see here. That is unless the controls for the game totally take you out of the whole experience and then…well…we'll see.

Lone Echo — Launch Trailer

Ready At Dawn and Oculus Studios proudly present Lone Echo, a VR adventure into the unknown. Lone Echo tackles the mysteries of the universe with awe-inspiring outer space visuals, zero-G mobility, and real-time problem solving.

Immerse yourself into the unforgettable character of Jack, a Series 11 Echo Unit stationed on the Kronos II mining facility on the outer rings of Saturn and equipped with futuristic tools and capabilities that push the limits of your Touch controllers. When an unknown anomaly threatens your space station and your human companion, Captain Olivia Rhodes, you’ll leverage your technical ingenuity and futuristic tools to overcome a variety of challenges and obstacles to protect your ship and save your crew from impending danger.

And don’t miss Echo Arena, the competitive zero-G multiplayer experience from the Lone Echo universe. Lone Echo and Echo Arena are available exclusively on Oculus Rift + Touch.

Are you excited to see that Lone Echo is just about to launch here? Are you excited for the core game or the multiplayer aspect that is a lot like an epic game of ultimate Frisbee? Have you seriously looked into getting an Oculus Rift yet or is that still something you are holding off on even after seeing this? Let us and the world know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Lone Echo and other games like it, be sure to stick around here. We'll have it all up on the site and you won't want to miss out on a single bit.