City Of Brass Is Going To Challenge Your Thieving Skills

City Of Brass

A new title, City Of Brass, has just been given an announcement and it looks like City Of Brass will challenge all of our skills

If you've been aching for a new video game that takes place in an Arabian setting then be glad to hear that City Of Brass is coming at us now on the PC sometime this year and then the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018. You may not have heard of the game much before now as Uppercut Games has just released a cinematic trailer and a bit of a gameplay trailer for everyone. Of course, none of that truly tells us what is going on for City Of Brass but thankfully we all of those details as well so we can know it is more than just a stabbing/whipping game set in the Arabian Nights setting. Even though that whole aspect is totally used at every chance here.

Now that we know the setting for City Of Brass, what is the game all about? Well, it looks like we are taking on the role of a cunning thief who is trying to reach the heart of said city to be able to claim the largest treasure known to man. Along the way we will need to defend ourselves from the city's defenses while swinging and navigating the area to claim other treasure to pick up more gear and items to try and get even further. All the while trying to make sure we can use the environment to our advantage when need be. Or just whipping the hell out of everything or using said whip to bring it all closer to us.

City Of Brass — Cinematic Trailer

Players assume the role of a cunning thief, battling to reach a fabled treasure at the city’s heart, wielding a blade and whip that can be used to disarm, trip or stun enemies, to swing to safety, grab inaccessible objects or even break through flimsy barricades. But the city itself also has teeth. Players have to leap across pits, slide under blades, dodge spears or arrows, evade or employ sprung paving slabs, and sidestep poison gas traps – all the while manipulating these hazards to their advantage against diverse supernatural foes.

City Of Brass has eternal replayability, designed to encourage combinative gameplay within an ever-changing, carefully optimized cityscape. Gamers must learn to manipulate every system if they are to survive, moving swiftly and deftly through each level, balancing the need for loot with the absolute requirement to escape within the time limit.

In addition to all of the gear, items, and dangers in City Of Brass, it looks like we will also have some of the other mythologies for the setting that we can use to our advantage. Like the fact that we get three wishes from a genie that we can use in the usual ways, or we can free said genie to help us in the final battle. Assuming we can make it to the center of the City Of Brass at the end of the day. Something that could be harder with each play as it kind of sounds like the game's world could be ever shifting and changing and we'll need to learn the patterns to get deeper in. Although it would be nice to just be able to wish to be at the center…

City Of Brass — Gameplay Trailer

Game features

  • Collect treasure to increase your score, plunder chests for weapon and armor upgrades or powerful relics – but make it to the exit in time or face death by dervish…
  • Incarcerated within the city, and most are friendly… Some will barter gear, upgrades, secrets, unlocks or protections in return for loot. Use one of three wishes to unlock a powerful benefit, or for a king’s ransom, buy a genie’s freedom in return for help in the final battle.
  • When your sword just isn’t enough, get creative: smash your enemies with explosive vases, blind them with a brick to the face, or force them into traps.
  • The city is filled with wretched spirits of all flavors, all with unique behaviors, all with the singular character defect that they want to kill you.
  • The algorithms that create each level are tweaked to generate a logically laid out cityscape of interconnected chambers, courtyards and corridors.
  • The rhythmic interplay of blade and lash has been carefully tuned along with sprinting, crouching, sliding, leaping and vaulting to give a fluid, balanced and natural feel to the movement and melee.
  • For the ultimate test, experienced players can encumber themselves with Divine Burdens, global modifiers that change enemy abilities, spawn behaviors or multiply environmental hazards.
  • No two playthroughs are ever the same: play, die, and play again, each time using what you’ve learned to get further. Are you tenacious enough to reach the heart of the City Of Brass?

What are your thoughts in City Of Brass as it all stands right now? Are you glad to see more of the setting we have here making a comeback or is it just another move back to what worked in the past? Does it sound like there may be some form of procedural design here or could I just be reading more into the never plays the same thing? Let us know down in the comments and of course feel free to discuss. As we learn more for City Of Brass, we'll have it up on the site. Be sure to keep checking back in to learn more as the days and nights pass right along.