Final Fantasy XV's Episode Prompto Is Here With Ignis Teased For December

Final Fantasy XV

The latest episode DLC for Final Fantasy XV has just dropped for Prompto, and we have a tease for Final Fantasy XV's Ignis to get his in December

Well it looks like the wait is now over if you wanted to get more on the fan-favorite character for Final Fantasy XV. The Prompto "episode" DLC for the game drops today, June 27th, on the PS4 and Xbox One and it looks Like Square Enix has taken their time with it all to mix up some of the gameplay and other mechanics to make it feel truly new. In fact, in this episode it looks like we will get some third-person run and gun play in Final Fantasy XV in terms of combat and also a slick snowmobile to drive around as we will be in some of the snowy wastes of the game's world. All things that you would know if you were following along and/or picked up the Season Pass for the game.

For the uninitiated here, this DLC for Final Fantasy XV will be taking us through the part of the core story where Prompto leaves the group for a stint. I won't say why, in case you are still playing through the core game, but more on all of that is to be seen and experienced in this DLC for the game. Almost as if the story was written in this manner to be able to force some DLC or something. Not that Final Fantasy XV wasn't good at its core, but you know… Either way, the second of the big episode DLCs is here and you can see a bit of it just below as you wait to download it and add it into your mix.

Final Fantasy XV — Episode Prompto

The world of Final Fantasy XV continues to expand with the release of Episode Prompto, the new downloadable content where players can experience a brand-new storyline from the perspective of the fan-favorite character. Players will get a glimpse into the human side of the cheerful photographer, as Prompto Argentum and Aranea Highwind embark across a snowy wilderness with an array of new weapons to battle Imperial forces.

Now that Episode Prompto is out there, we get to speculate on the next big episode for Final Fantasy XV will be coming. Obviously this is Episode Ignis and will be diving down the rabbit hole of the same situation, but with a different character from the game. Like I said, it seems like Square Enix wrote the game this way. None the less, the speculation for all of that doesn't need to get too wild as it looks like we are only going to have to wait six months to get it as the following teaser shows that it will be coming in December of this year. Just more reasons to keep you hooked to Final Fantasy XV or at least to re-install it after you finish off the above DLC.

Final Fantasy XV — Episode Ignis Teaser

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis DLC Trailer teasing the new update in December.

Are you ready for Final Fantasy XV's Episode Prompto or has it been so long that it kind of fell off the radar? Do you think that the third-person shooter side of it all will be a good addition into the game or will it leave you wanting? Would you have rather had Episode Ignis now and then wait for Prompto until December? Let us and the world know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV and its future DLC and events, be sure to stay tuned into the site here. We'll do our damnedest to get all of the updates and news out to you so you know when to expect what you paid for.