Friday The 13th: The Game Is Going Retro With New & Free Updates

Friday The 13th: The Game

It looks like Friday The 13th: The Game is getting some new updates here with new clothes and a retro skin from the Friday The 13th game from the '80s

If you jumped in on the Friday The 13th: The Game bandwagon from the start, you may be one of those out there who were being plagued too much by server issues and glitches in the game to find the enjoyment. You may also have been one of those gamers out there who happened to understand the growing pains that Illfonic and Gun Media were going through and gave them some leeway with it all and just enjoyed what you had so far. That seemed to be the split that happened for Friday The 13th that I saw online after it launched and spanned from not only the PC version but also the Xbox One and PS4 versions. It sucks, but it is how it goes sometimes and we all have to roll with the punches.

All of that said though, it looks like the developers and everyone behind Friday The 13th: The Game heard and saw everything and while they fixed it all, they also felt bad about it. At least that is how it seems as now we have a new content update coming for the game, on all platforms, that will bring us all some new things as a "sorry for the issues" kind of thing. That could be part of the spin here, but none the less we are getting some new clothing options for the counselors, 13,000 customization points, a double XP weekend (6/23 - 6/25), and another skin for Jason. A new skin hearkening all the way back to the classic '80s Friday The 13th game but slapped on the more modern looking character model.

In addition to the new skin for Jason, it looks like Friday The 13th: The Game will also be getting another musical option to go along with the skin that also fits back in for the time and style. I'm guessing this will be the music that plays when you give old blue Jason a play and start to sneak up on those counselors. All for the low, low price of FREE. As a "sorry" for the issues. I do wonder if this was going to be a paid DLC thing for Friday The 13th: The Game at some point but Gun Media wanted to give back to those gamers out there still having issues or have found most of them fixed. We may never know. None the less we have new content coming to the game today (6/20/17)!

Friday The 13th: The Game — Content Update #1

You guys broke our expectations and our severs, and we are very thankful for your support and love. Here's some free stuff to apologize for our rocky launch, and so that you might give us a slight reprieve as we continue to improve and fix!

The first content update for free which includes the following:

  • 'Retro' Jason complete with chip tune music inspired by classic '80s games as written and performed by Mitch Murder
  • New clothing for all counselors
  • A Double XP weekend lasting June 23rd to June 25th
  • 13,000 Customization Points to every account

Have you been playing and enjoying Friday The 13th: The Game so far or did all the issues from before turn you completely off from the game? Will this get you back in for another go or will it be something else to drag you back in? Do you think that this was going to be a paid DLC originally given the quality Illfonic gave it all, or do you think they put it together while trying to solve the issues? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Friday The 13th: The Game and its future updates, be sure to stay right here. We'll have them all and you'll want to be in the know.