Kingdom Hearts III Is Taking On The Gods Yet Again As Hercules Is Back

Kingdom Hearts

A new Kingdom Hearts III trailer has been released out of the recent Kingdom Hearts Orchestra event that took place before E3 this year

While Kingdom Hearts III may not have been highlighted at all on the E3 show floor, that doesn't mean that we didn't get something new for the game here during the week. Nothing like Square Enix having a small showing in a back room somewhere, at least not that I know of, but during one of their recent events they introduced us to another world making it back into the game as well as some familiar villains. Two of said villains being two of my favorites from all of the Disney properties out there make perfect sense to be back in it all for Kingdom Hearts III. Although it does look like some of them are not all in from the start or are just there to pass along information.

As you may have guessed by now, Kingdom Hearts III will be taking us back to the world of Hercules. There was a screenshot a long while back that kind of pointed us in this direction, but it could have been something as basic as another battle arena yet here we go with the land being a full on thing and not just a list of fights. That and Hades will be back in the franchise again. This is one of my favorites and so far it looks like he is a reluctant villain in Kingdom Hearts III but this could just be where the trailer is in the story and he could be a big boss yet again. Although I have a feeling ti could be the titans here and not Hades that we will have to deal with. Maybe all of them though.

Have a look at a lot of new gameplay for Kingdom Hearts III as well as a great showing of the game's version of Hercules in the mix. The titular character doesn't seem to show up from what I saw here, but that doesn't mean he won't be back as well. Maybe we will see more of this and the other new world that Square Enix will be showing us at D23 on July 15th though. Maybe that will also be when we get a release date or window at that. Doubtful, but we can hope and then hopefully see more of the new and old Disney worlds come on back to Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III — Orchestra Trailer

In this action-packed trailer, Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy help Hercules battle various forms of Heartless on Mount Olympus through gorgeous visuals and gameplay. Fans will see Sora in a new form, which allows him to perform special powerful solo and joint attacks on his enemies. A new glimpse into the game’s storyline reveals a reunion with Disney villains Hades, Maleficent and Pete as they discuss the location of a mysterious item while Sora is faced with a dilemma in an effort to bring back an old friend.

What do you think about Kingdom Hearts III's look at the Hercules world again? Do you think that Hades will only be a story character or will he be the big bad boss of the world as he has been in the past? What do you think we will see for the next world here and which are you most excited to see back in the the game? Let us know and then feel free to discuss it all down in the comments. For more on Kingdom Hearts III as it comes, be sure to stick right here. We'll have more of it all here and you won't want to miss out on a single tidbit.