Theseus Is Fighting His Way First On To PS VR This Summer


Action-Adventure title Theseus is poised to bring the story of Theseus to PlayStation VR this Summer first with other platforms certainly to follow along

Back in February we all, at least most of us, heard about a new VR title coming our way in terms of Theseus. As the title pretty much suggests, we will be taking on the role of the titular Greek Hero in the game and Forge Reply was going to take us through one of his great adventures in the game. In the terms of Theseus the game, we would be tackling the mythical Maze of the Minotaur and all of the harshness that should be coming along with that. All in a nice action-adventure setting but also set in a VR display. Seems a bit off but that's how it is. Now we know at least one of the VR Platforms that will be getting the game and it is…

Hopefully you read the title of all of this as Theseus is now slated to hit the PS VR system first this Summer with all of the others at some point. At least that should be the assumption based on how the game was presented before and today's update stating that it was heading there first. All easy assumptions and details to have spotted and we'll hopefully need keener eyes than that when we actually play Theseus this Summer. With any luck it will be on the show floor at E3 and we'll be able to get a better look at it all and see how the action-adventure style blends into the VR headset without forcing us to run and jump like the heroes of yore.

To go along with this announcement, Forge Reply has also given us a nice new trailer for Theseus that actually shows some of the game in action. The first time around it was just a walking simulator looking thing and now we have some solid action. Not only that, but a better look at just how the game is going to look once it is up and running and such. Have a look for yourself and then speculate on what Summer of 2017 truly means and if it will garner a PS VR purchase from you now. This could have cinched me for sure by now.

Theseus — PS VR Reveal Trailer

Forge Reply, the video game development studio within the Reply group, is excited to announce that its upcoming game, Theseus, will launch first on PlayStation VR in Summer 2017. By taking a cinematic approach to game development and building it specifically for virtual reality, Forge Reply is creating a story-driven action-adventure game that is perfectly suited for PS VR.

Theseus offers a modern and obscure take on the classic myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, promising an engaging and immersive experience through the power of Virtual Reality. Watch the new trailer to get a glimpse of just how intense the experience can be.

Are you all that shocked to hear that Theseus is coming to the PS VR or did you really think it would go to a different brand? What do you think on the blending of the action genre into a VR setting as we can see here? Could this also be a buildup, of sorts, to the next big God Of War title and this is Sony trying to bring in the IP? Give us all those interesting thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Theseus as we learn about it, be sure to stay right here on the site. I know we'll have more and you'll not want to miss out on it.