Secret World Legends' Combat System Has Been Given A Bit Of An Overhaul

Secret World Legends

Many things are getting updated for Secret World Legends & one more mechanic for Secret World Legends that is getting the update is the combat

If you were, or still are, a huge fan of The Secret World you may want to start forgetting how the combat in the game flows as when June 26th hits here and Secret World Legends launches it looks like there will be a new learning curve for you. Nothing too daunting here as I'm sure that Funcom doesn't want to upset players, but things will be changing. If the changes are for the better or the worse will have to full wait until Secret World Legends launches, but at least as of now we can have a look at just what changes will be coming down the pipeline. Spoiler alert…it isn't something that looks to be the traditional MMO flavor that some have grown greatly accustomed to.

As it looks, Secret World Legends is scrapping the old point and click "tabbed" style of combat and moving into a more action-oriented and third-person action style for it all. Of course all of the little things that needed to be re-worked for this style have been given the update too, but get ready to change things up a little further. In all honesty it looks like Secret World Legends is going to bring it all back into an arena that we were all thinking it would have been when The Secret World was originally released back in 2012. Maybe that is just me though as I was hoping for more of a deviation from the traditional MMO style way back then. It only took five years to get it to something that looks like what I wanted.

Secret World Legends — Combat

Today Funcom is excited to release a new video where lead developers explain just how different combat will feel in Secret World Legends. In addition to moving from traditional MMO tab-targeting to a more action-inspired reticule mode, each of Secret World Legends’ nine weapons features entirely new and unique mechanics that are sure to keep even the most experienced players on their toes.

Secret World Legends plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural in an adventure that crosses our world with the realms of ancient myth and legend. As players traverse the globe unraveling complex investigations into the unknown, they’ll need to uncover clues and use their own wits as much as their characters’ abilities. A highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers will give players the strength to battle the forces of darkness as they dig deeper into these vast and mysterious lands. Players can go at it alone and enjoy the over 100 hours of story at their own pace, or team up with others as they explore the world and unravel its mysteries.

Before Secret World Legends I generally stuck to the bladed weapons and never jumped into the magic or firearms more than was required by the game. While I am glad to see that the bladed weapons will be giving us a few more "bonuses" and visual changes, I do have to say that I am intrigued a bit more by the description of the new elemental and chaos magic as well as the way the shotgun works in Secret World Legends. I think I will need to actually branch out a lot more when it all relaunches now to give them all a fair try now that Funcom has made them a bit more enticing to me now. This seems to be one of the best re-brandings I've seen in a while now and each update only excites me more for it.

How do you feel about the new changes coming to Secret World Legends in terms of the combat here? Do you think it was a needed overhaul to the game's system or will it be more frustrating for those long-term players out there? Does it feel like things will be opening up for all of those other casual players out there to give them a reason to give the other styles a chance? Let us know down in the comments and, as always, feel free to discuss it all. For more on the Secret World Legends though, be sure to stick around here as we will have it all for you and you won't want to miss out on a thing.