New Details For Hunt: Showdown Are Here & Coming At E3 As Well


New updates for Hunt: Showdown have been released and it looks like some of the speculation about Hunt: Showdown has been true with more at E3

Not too long ago we saw a new title, Hunt: Showdown, pop up and not have much to go on but a lot of cryptic phrases and updates via the game's social media. Of course this led to speculation and a lot of it point to Crytek's title of a similar name being still in the works but under a new name. That one being Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age and something that was really cool to see a few E3s ago. Thankfully it looks like the speculation has panned out and we have a few new little tidbits of information to go on for this newly "announced" title and what may be going on given all of the weird stuff with the developer in the recent months.

As it turns out, Hunt: Showdown is Horrors Of The Gilded Age but under a new development team. It is also no longer the four-player co-op game I remember seeing in 2014 but now is a PvP monster hunter title of sorts. Presumably it is still coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One when it finally does come. We'll of course know more for Hunt: Showdown during E3 as it looks like that is where all of the good updates and showings of the game will be. I'm going to guess something more than the following teaser trailer will be out there as well. For now though, this is all that is known as we may need to forget most of what we saw from the first time we saw the title in action.

Hunt: Showdown — Teaser

Crytek to reveal details about Hunt: Showdown at E3

This year’s E3 marks an exciting new debut from Crytek: for the very first time, the creator of Crysis will be showing gameplay from Hunt: Showdown to select partners and media. The CRYENGINE business development team will also be in attendance to meet with partners about the engine’s roadmap and showcase new features for the next update.

Based on the previously announced title Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age, Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has taken the original concept in a different direction under a new development team. A teaser for the upcoming PvP monster hunter went live on the game’s website recently, and more details about the game will be revealed during E3.

How different do you think Hunt: Showdown will be from the source title we knew about? Do you think it will go down the lines like other PvP monster hunting titles we've seen before? Do you think it is going to go completely online or will there be some kind of couch play when it comes to the PvP? Let us know what your thoughts on the game are now and then discuss down in the comments. We'll have more on Hunt: Showdown as it becomes available. Be sure to stick around on the site here to be up to date on all of it as we can be. Hopefully a lot more after E3 here.