Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Looks To Have Been Leaked Out There


A new title, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, has been leaked out early and it looks to team Mario up with some Rabbids in a weird cross-over game

With E3 almost here that means that the leaks should start flowing out there and it looks like we have one here for a new title called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Originally it was just a leak of the key art showing that Ubisoft and Nintendo were working on some kind of cross-over between the two franchises, but now it looks like part of a presentation, presumably one for E3, has popped up with some of the slides showing off this Switch title just a bit more and just what we could expect from it. I'm sure that there will be more to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle during whichever event it will be shown off in, but here is what we can gather so far from just the few slides that have "leaked" out there.

For starters, it looks like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will have a split between turn-based combat and exploration with more on the combat side. We will have a full cast of "unique" heroes to play and control in the game with a few RPG elements to upgrade and alter. All while exploring the four main world environments and solving the puzzles and secrets each may hold. All riffe with Easter Eggs for fans to get excited over when they see them. That and seven enemy archetypes, one mini-boss, and one main boss per "world." How that will expand into 20 hours of gameplay, I am not too sure, but that is the claim that we can see here.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Slides Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Slides Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Slides
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Slides Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — Slides

Currently, if all of this is true for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, it looks like we can expect to see the game make the rounds at E3 to Gamescom with a full release sometime in August or September. Seeing as one of the slides here point to it all having a hands-on at E3 I'd have to say it seems likely that Nintendo will have it to show off with the other larger titles from Ubisoft being in their main booth. It is possible to see it across both, but that is the feeling I am getting here for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. None the less, it could be a fun new title that is so out there that it fits in like Super Mario RPG did; and it get its own huge following. Maybe…

How do you feel about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as it looks right now? Does it sound like a cross-over title that we all needed or is this something that is just testing the waters for something else? Do you see what we have described here lasting around 20 hours or do you think gamers will be able to hammer through it all a lot faster than that? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. If more for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is shown off and revealed, we will try to have it all up here on the site. Keep checking back in for more as we get closer to E3 and then beyond.