Far Cry 5's Tone & Theme Is Defined A Bit More By New Art

Far Cry 5

New art for Far Cry 5 has been revealed and it looks to set a twisted religious tone to Far Cry 5 that seems to be all the rage as of late

Another new tease for Far Cry 5 has been let loose on the world today in the way of some new key art or cover art; depending on who you talk to about this. We still have a bit of time until we get to see the first full trailer for the game as Ubisoft is still aiming to give this to us on the 26th here, but that doesn't slow down their need to tease us and have us all digging into everything for any little bit before the full reveal. Yes, there is already speculation about Far Cry 5 here based on just this one shot that does mirror a bit of what we saw back with Far Cry 4. Maybe there is a bit of something hidden in here, but for now we just get to see the interesting shot and then speculate.

Some of the speculation in the following image for Far Cry 5 is toward some of the weapons and vehicles that we will get to see in the game. Also, and this could be a bit off, it looks like we might be dealing with some of the tastes of those backwards religious nuts that seem to be all the rage in the modern media as of late. That is at least the feel that the image gives not only in the "Last Supper" look to it all, but also the poor soul tied up on the ground with "Sinner" on their back. Of course I could be off and this has nothing to do with Far Cry 5, but that does seem to be the way most games, films, and shows have been going when it comes to areas of the U.S. like Montana. Hopefully we will know more after this Friday.

Far Cry 5 — Key Art

What do you think is going on in Far Cry 5 here based on the image we currently have? Do you think it points to a more religious tone to be taken in the game or could that all just be marketing fun? What speculation have you come up with based on this before we see the first full trailer here in a few days? Let us know down in the comments and then let the speculation and discussion fly. For more on Far Cry 5, be sure to stay here on the site. We will keep all of the updates coming as soon as we can. You won't want to miss out on a single thing.