There Is More To The Moral Dilemmas & Worlds In Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars

A new part of Star Wars Battlefront II's developer diaries has been released to go into some of the moral grey areas in the Star Wars universe

While I wish we had more to show off in terms of gameplay for Star Wars Battlefront II, it looks like what we have here is a new developer diary for the game to gaze upon. Pretty much more on what DICE was getting into with their last one only that they talk a bit more on the morally grey portions of the IP and franchise; that and we'll be able to experience some of this in the new game. If I had to guess I would say that EA is holding all of the juicier parts of Star Wars Battlefront II until E3 or D23 here soon, but none the less this is a great reminder that it is coming and a bit more of what to expect on November 17th.

I do like the fact that we will be getting a campaign in Star Wars Battlefront II here, but what could be interesting is if they actually take the game into those morally grey areas and let us have some kind of effect on it all. You most likely clicked in here expecting to see something about a morality system in this Star Wars game. This of course has yet to actually be mentioned, but it would be neat to see it play out in-game and allow us to actually make some kind of change in the universe. I'm not just talking about going from the light to dark side of the Force here either. More along the lines of having our choices matter in the game and play out parts a bit differently based on that.

It will be nice to see in Star Wars Battlefront II how DICE takes the whole morally questionable path for the Empire as they are the perceived bad guys in the franchise. Not all of them are supposed to be evil just to be evil but instead of reasons for doing what they do in the minor and grand schemes of it all. That part has me more curious than ever and I hope it isn't just a tagged on thing as we all know it will be the multiplayer that is the focus here for Star Wars Battlefront II. Then again, with the extra teams working on it all, it's not like EA is forcing just one to make a good game with mediocre add-ons. They seem to want to make a great game in the franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront II — Massive Worlds And Moral Dilemmas

The team behind Star Wars Battlefront II wants to make everything bigger, better, and morally denser than the original. Experience the story for yourself on November 17!

Are you still excited for Star Wars Battlefront II as I am or do you just want to see and experience some solid gameplay before making that call? Do you think that this campaign could give us a morality option outside of the normal ones we get in Star Wars games? Can it all stay grey in the end or does it need to be light or dark? Do you think that the campaign will hold up on its own or will it feel tacked on? Give us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Star Wars Battlefront II, be sure to stay right here on the site. We will bring you everything that we can.