Hunt: Showdown Has Been Teased But Could Be Just Re-Branding


A new game called Hunt: Showdown has been teased out there but it could just be a re-branding of Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age

What looks to be a new game called Hunt: Showdown has been teased out there recently that has piqued the interest of a few people out there. It is another title from Crytek in the works that looks to have two characters, or hunters in this case, team up to do what their title makes them do and kill evil things. That is at least the gist of it all based on the teaser trailer for Hunt: Showdown and the very short blurb of text to go with it. Not to mention a game site and social media content that does little to nothing more to tell us anything about the game and what we can expect.

That all said, if you've been keeping up here and with gaming news in general, you may have seen a little piece we did back in 2014 about a game called Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age that was being crafted by the same team where we were back in a Victorian Age setting playing with a group of four hunters out to take down all kind of supernatural creatures. It was an amazing demo shown off for the game and then nothing was heard since. I'm going to go on a limb here and figure that Hunt: Showdown is that game in a new form as it all holds not only part of the name, but also some of the look and feel in this teaser. I say this as the demo featured similarly dressed characters seen in silhouette and a swap/dark forest kind of setting.

Hunt: Showdown — Teaser

When two hunters risk everything

And evil waits unseen

The hunter becomes the hunted

As of right now, there is no sure way of knowing if Hunt: Showdown is the same game just altered a bit as all we have for it can be seen above. It reasons that it would be as at the time the other title looked to be well into production and it would be odd to see Crytek scrap so much work to not try and recoup the money pumped into it. I am hopeful that this will be yet another hidden gem on the show floor for E3 this year as Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age was for me back in 2014. If anything, hopefully there is a new trailer with gameplay to show off just what we could expect here in the game. Hopefully it isn't a two on two match based on the four-player title I saw already.

What do you think that Hunt: Showdown will turn out to be? Do you remember the other title from before and hope this is just a continuation off of that or do you think it is only something along the same lines as it for now? Do you think it could be a multiplayer title now or do you think it will have kept the co-op only aspect that was shown off so long ago? Let us know down in the comments and, as always, feel free to discuss. For more on Hunt: Showdown as it is revealed, be sure to check in here as we will keep all of those updates flowing on out as we can get a hold of them. Fingers crossed for E3.