In Case You Missed Out, Here's Everything You Need To Know For Injustice 2

Injustice 2

As Injustice 2 is just about to launch, it is time to get a full recap on all of Injustice 2's ins and outs so we are all completely ready for launch

We are a week out from the launch of Injustice 2 and it feels like we've seen and heard all there is for the game already. Outside of the finer details of the story in the game and specific gear we can collect, NetherRealm Studios has given us quite a lot to go on to make up our minds on if we are going to give the game a go here on the 16th. Hells, we only have a few more DLC characters to get shown off for Injustice 2 and we would have the whole package. I'm going to guess that we won't see those until well after launch but there is still a week and a lot planned up to then, so that may be changed up.

None the less, things may fall through the cracks and we all get busy instead of keeping up on all things Injustice 2. This is why we get some great videos like we have here that is an "Everything You Need To Know" video. All so we can get recapped on the new story that is picking up right after Injustice ended, the new gear system, the new factions we can take on, and then of course all of the characters we'll get to play. There has been a lot going on for Injustice 2 and now is the time to get recapped so you are completely ready to go next week. Have a look and be pretty much up to date.

Injustice 2 — Everything You Need To Know

Dive into the story, the new innovative gear system, and the huge variety of gameplay in Injustice 2.

Now that you know what is coming for Injustice 2 in the game directly, the next big question is just on how we will be able to play it competitively. You can't have a huge fighting game like that and not expect it to go on and it looks like NetherRealm Studios and others have us set up with many competitions for the Pros and amateurs that will be enjoying Injustice 2. All for the glory and part of a $600,000 dollar pot. From the looks of it, you may not even need to travel out to be part of this, but that is part of the fun of it all. Here are more details on the tournaments that will be going on for the game just after launch and then a bit further on.

Injustice 2 — Championship Series

Injustice 2 Pro Series

The Injustice 2 Pro Series kicks off May 26 broadcast live on Twitch (, with a four-month online and offline season drilling down to the top 16 players from around the world. The 16 finalists from across North America, Europe and Latin America will advance to the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals for a throw-down. The Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals will take place September 17 in Los Angeles.

Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes

The Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes tournament offers an all-new way for gamers in the United States who are not competing in the Injustice 2 Pro Series to participate in a program and battle for cash prizes. Operated by ESL, open online qualifier tournaments will begin June 4. Eight Regional Finals tournaments will take place in local GameStop retail locations on August 12, leading up to the Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes Finals at the 2017 GameStop Consumer Expo in Las Vegas, August 27.

Injustice 2 Path to Pro Tournament

European fans will have a chance to participate in the Injustice 2 Championship Series with the Injustice 2 Path to Pro Tournament. Operated by ESL on PlayStation®4, the competition will open on May 20 for players in the Benelux Union, France, Germany, Nordic territories, Italy, Spain and U.K. who are not participating in the Injustice 2 Pro Series. The Injustice 2 Path to Pro Finals will be held online on August 19 with 12 finalists from the participating territories.

Injustice 2 Liga Latina

Players from Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru get their chance to battle it out in Injustice 2 Liga Latina. Operated by Gamelta esports Professional League, online and offline qualifier tournaments will be held for each region beginning in May. The best players from each of the countries in which the program is offered will face off in the Injustice 2 Liga Latina finals on August 13.

Are you completely ready for Injustice 2 or did you need this full breakdown to get caught up? Are you glad to see that the mobile version of the game will bring back the same extras that we've seen from their other mobile titles or will you hoping for more? Will you be taking part in the tournaments that are set up or are they still too intimidating for even the novices out there? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. If and when we get more for Injustice 2, we will have it here for you. Be sure to stay locked into the site here to keep completely up to date so you don't need recap videos like we had here.