Go Behind The Scenes With The Surge & Learn More Of The World

The Surge

A behind the scenes video for The Surge has been released and it gives us more insight into all of the things going on in The Surge that we've questioned

In just under two weeks we will be playing The Surge on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC depending on your choice. While we've seen a lot for this action-RPG title so far, I know I've been left with quite a few questions that have been left unanswered by Deck 13 in a few different arenas. One of them being the main focus of The Surge's combat in terms of the limb severing system. It's been mentioned so many times and "shown" just as often but for the life of me I have yet to figure it out based on what we've been given. That's why I'm guessing Focus Home Interactive has joined in to give us another promotional video as we do now.

Yes, there is more brought up here for The Surge as we'll talk about it too, but again we have more on said system and finally we are getting a bit more of an answer. It looks like it is all based on where you strike and not something that can be closely targeted like we've seen in other games. Here we have specific hit-boxes on each of the enemies here and it is going to come down to our own skill and luck of the swing to be able to hit everything correctly. I'm not sure how I feel about this as I am glad to see that it will be a bit more skill based, but there is so much room for error that it could end up being an feature in The Surge that some can't get the hang of. Not good for one that is a selling feature but we'll have to see.

The Surge — Behind The Scenes

Delve into The Surge's industrial, near-future Earth setting, which tackles issues of environmental destruction, corporatism and misuse of technology relevant to our own world. Taking control of the exo-suited Warren, players will explore rich, secret-filled environments and venture deep into the heart of tech company CREO's devastated facility - all while battling crazed employees with fried cranial implants and robots gone haywire.

Using the limb-based targeting system, players can exploit enemies' weaknesses – though as Deck 13's Thorsten Lange states, “the same rules apply for the enemies.” Positioning is of the utmost importance, and even the smallest misstep can end in death. Warren isn't an “overpowered superhero”, and combat animations were given credibility through extensive motion capture sessions with a stuntman, resulting in combat that feels weighty and satisfying.

What I am digging about the system here for The Surge though is that it does look like there is a bit more of the risk/reward structure set up than previously thought. Building off the limb system it looks like one of the ways to make ourselves last longer is to craft upgrades based on the armored limbs we are able to take. It will be a lot hard, obviously, but it will help those who hone the skills that Deck 13 are trying to force us to have in the game. Or you can go the easy way and just target the unarmored areas of the enemies in The Surge and just miss out. But given that they are able to use the same methods of attack against you, it may not be worth it to try and go the easy route.

Does this explain The Surge's limb severing system to you better or is it still foggy for you? Will you be trying to go the easy way when fighting enemies or will you try and take each piece of armor you can to try and be a heavy machine walking through the game? How far do you think that the system will go with the enemies and will they be able to take our limbs in a way? Let us know your thoughts on this and then discuss down in the comments. For more on The Surge as we get closer to May 16th, be sure to keep your eyes locked in here. We'll have it all and you won't want to miss out.