The Surge Has Gone Gold & Getting Some Day One Updates

The Surge

It is official that The Surge has hit gold status and it also looks like The Surge will be getting some PS4 Pro updates at launch and soon after

I could have sworn this was news before but none the less it looks like The Surge has officially gone to gold status for us all. Pretty much locking in the release date that we have been given before from Deck 13 for the game, but now there is no take backs. It is set and final and now we can all sit back and wait for The Surge to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 16th. It's done, set, and getting ready to be packaged up and shipped out. Everything a good video game wants and needs to have in it are here and now we are good. Then we can give all those confusing mechanics a try in the game as the team is said and done now.

That is of course if you ignore the day one patch coming for The Surge for the PS4 Pro version of the game. It looks like the final additions for the game weren't in before going gold but fret not as there will be a day one patch and it will bring the system some updates for us. Things like allowing us all to play The Surge in Dynamic 4K at 30 FPS or 1080p at 60fps. Something one would think would have been locked in already but in the digital age it is okay to slack on things that can be patched later. We'll just have to be ready for that day one patch before we fire up the game and try to slice off many different limbs. We'll need to see the finer details for that.

In addition to that patch, it looks like Deck 13 will have another on in the works to follow that one up for The Surge as it will also add in the ability to use those fancy HDR settings too. Seems like you would want those two bundled together there, but what are we going to do? We want The Surge as soon as possible and if we have to suffer with some lower end visuals for a bit we will. At least if you have the PS4 Pro and don't want to get the day one patch before the HDR patch. It would seem odd to not, but gamers are a weird bunch at the end of the day.

The Surge — Target, Loot, And Equip

Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce that The Surge, the hardcore action-RPG developed by Deck 13 has officially gone gold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will release for retail and download on May 16 and is already available for pre-order on consoles and PC.

We are also happy to unveil more information about the PS4 Pro updates for The Surge. The first free update will be available at the release of the game, and will allow players to either play in Dynamic 4K at 30fps or in 1080p at 60fps. A second update will be available a bit later after release, allowing players to activate the HDR option.

Are you glad to see that The Surge is going to be getting that PS4 Pro support that everyone is talking about? Do you find it odd that they didn't get this in before printing to disc or do you think there were other reasons for now? Will this even affect you based on the platform you'll be playing on? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. We have a month until The Surge is released and we will have everything for the game here. Be sure to stay tuned into the site so you are not left out of all of the fun that is yet to come.