All You Need To Know — Leaked Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Star Wars

The trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II has leaked out and we have it and more for you. Here's all the Star Wars Battlefront II details you need to know

I admit I was really disappointed in the remake of Star Wars Battlefront. The game played fine but was lacking a lot of what made the older games fun. I mainly picked it up for my dad to play for a few hours because some of my best memories of when he and I would play Battlefront II and hoped DICE caught that magic again. Lack of offline really hurt the game for me because while I didn’t mind it having an online focus the fact that there was a $60 season pass withholding much of the game behind a paywall forcing you to pay for a subscription in EA fashion. We paid for basically another game, all to play the game since there wasn’t really an offline option.

Now we have a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. The trailer opens up with a woman’s voice narrating over footage of the second Death Star blowing up. Some text pops up giving you a brief glimpse of the phrase “The untold soldier's story.” I think it’s pretty amazing to think we might be getting a single-player campaign where we see the First Order rise to power. After that some brief shots of multiplayer flash up, the final bit of text we get says we will be fighting across all eras of Star Wars. Just for a bit wild speculation since DICE is owned by EA, who also are in control of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise we might be able to fight in eras not shown in the movies.

Space battles also seem to be returning in Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m sure with the recent updates to the PS4 and Microsoft’s own Project Scorpio coming out that this game will push the boundaries that the first game started; now I am just waiting to see how much. Will we see simultaneous battles taking place across the ground and sky? I for one think it would be awesome to hop into a ship and fly from the ground up into a full-fledged space battle. Another particularly shot I was interested in contained Darth Maul and Yoda igniting their lightsabers. Could this possibly mean we will have a hero vs hero mode in Star Wars Battlefront II of some sort?

One thing I really hope doesn’t return with Star Wars Battlefront II is a ridiculously over-priced season pass. We know EA is a business and that you can pretty much slap Star Wars on anything and people will buy it in droves. In the teaser it showed pre-order DLC. So I am not going to whine about there being a season pass, just as long as it’s around the $20 or $30 dollar mark. Nothing is concrete yet. We still have the Star Wars 40th anniversary coming up, May 4th, and E3 to get through to get more details.

Star Wars Battlefront II — Teaser Trailer