It Looks Like There Is Some New Fallout Speculation Out There


Things out in the rumor mill about Fallout are pointing to Bethesda announcing a new open-world Fallout game at E3 this year

Sometimes it’s cool to wonder and speculate. When Bethesda did their first big E3 press conference they unveiled the long anticipated Fallout 4 in a mighty fine fashion. I was just as surprised to see them making it an annual thing with BE3 2017 confirmed just a few months ago. Now I wouldn’t expect them to keep showing up unless they have something huge coming.

This is where it gets fun. One year was Fallout 4 and DOOM. The year after was Skyrim Remastered and Prey. What could they possibly have to show off this year that we don’t know about? This is where Obsidian Entertainment comes into play. Leading up to Fallout 4 a massive witch hunt was on to confirm its existence. Of course, it should be common sense that Bethesda’s foray into the franchise would not be a one and done type of affair. It’s interesting to track the rumors that started piling up late 2014 heading into 2015. Where there is smoke usually there is fire. While nothing concrete has been hinted at, it was only two years after Fallout 3 when Fallout: New Vegas was announced.

Fallout 5

I would love to have all the Fallout titles remastered, but I think Skyrim was just a rare incident born out of the high demand for an Elder Scrolls single-player experience on the current generation of consoles. Never say never, but I find it highly unlikely to see Fallout: New Vegas remastered being announced this year if ever.

Could we see a totally new Fallout project from Obsidian Entertainment? Perhaps there was some flame to the “Project Louisiana” rumor that split the community. Some thought it was going to be Fallout: New Orleans while others thought it would be content for Pillars Of Eternity. Luckily with hindsight we know that is purely coincidental and it was indeed Pillars Of Eternity content.

Fallout New Orleans

What about a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas? Beyond the loose ties to Fallout and Fallout 2 it seemed to be its own thing so this would be a first for the series if a direct sequel was in the works. Another rumor I see flying around is a Sequel to Fallout, Fallout 2, and New Vegas simply titled Fallout: L.A. Being able to visit the boneyard after all these years would be quite the treat. I only started becoming familiar with the original isometric Fallout games but, as someone who has played them, I am sure it would be a definitive Fallout experience.

If you follow Obsidian Entertainment closely, there has been financials troubles within the company; management issues and layoffs. I don’t think the team would try tackling such a huge project like a Fallout game without the right tools, but with the rabid fan-base Fallout has it’s basically a license to print money. Like I said in the very beginning, this is just speculation and daydreaming about something I am sure a lot of us want. Please do not go around posting that any of these are confirmed projects. I assure you they are not…yet…