Review — She Remembered Caterpillars

She Remembered Caterpillars

We sit down and review She Remembered Caterpillars. Beautiful, but lacking in fun. Here's our review of She Remembered Caterpillars

She Remembered Caterpillars is an indie puzzle game that was released at the beginning of the year that I only recently discovered. It is developed Jumpsuit Entertainment, a small German team, and as far as I can see this is the team's first game together. I felt like it could do with a review.

The gameplay for She Remembered Caterpillars isn’t anything special. You click on little mushroom people to guide them. Your objective is to get all of them to a flower petal where they sprout organic propellers from their heads and fly away. They’re certain color-coded obstacles that provide the challenge but the puzzles aren’t challenging at all. It’s all mainly just time-consuming and not in an egregious way, but very lackluster.

I really like the serene nature of the soundtrack accompanied by the visual art style; it’s a fantastic combination. In the stage select it’s an eerie droning with little pings of sprinkled in. A great mix of ambient noises with the tranquility of the music. If you want to purchase the soundtrack of She Remembered Caterpillars, you can check it all out here. It has eleven tracks in total and is only five dollars. I highly recommend if you’re a fan of the ambient/electronic music genres.

The story for She Remembered Caterpillars seems to be a child looking for their father. I’m not quite sure though. You only get the expositional text in between levels, but switching from figuring out lackluster puzzles to reading some vague text just kept confused me. I couldn’t get invested and greeted every text dump with an “Oh, well I guess” attitude. It’s very disheartening to discover something that looks very intriguing on the surface, but ultimately fails from clunky storytelling and uninspired point and click puzzles.

She Remembered Caterpillars seems to have mostly positive reviews but I’m not sure why though. I could not recommend this game at its current price point of $11.99 on Steam. If this was a free game on the Google app store then I would actually recommend this game. I’m not saying this game’s story is even bad, just that the execution is very poor. If my review hasn’t dissuaded you and you’re just wanting a simple puzzle game with some amazing music and art then, by all means, pick this game on a Steam sale. For this game’s audience, I could definitely see it as a worthwhile game for around five bucks.

She Remembered Caterpillars — Release Trailer

She Remembered Caterpillars was developed by Jumpsuit Entertainment and published by Ysbryd Games for the PC on January 17th, 2017. A copy of the game was purchased by myself for reviewing purposes.