Conan Exiles Welcomes Us All Into The Dregs With New Updates

Conan Exiles

Another major content update for Conan Exiles is out there and it brings a load of new weapons and enemies to Conan Exiles as well as a new dungeon

If you've been enjoying Conan Exiles' early access so far, then you'll be glad to see that there is now more of it to enjoy as another new content update has been pushed out and it brings a whole lot of new things to the game. This is listed as the twenty-fourth update for the game but the third major content update that Funcom has given us all. Not too shabby for a game that has yet to have a full release and still technically in development. If they keep it up then Conan Exiles is going to be one Hells of a game when all is said and done. As long as we don't ruin it all by asking for too much or the wrong things. As if the devs would give us all of that.

Any ways, this new update for Conan Exiles brings along some new enemies and monsters to kill, a bunch of new weapons and armor to carry around, and a new dungeon for the game called The Dregs. This is an underground dungeon that will take us to some new depths in the game as well as introduce us to some new environmental puzzles. On top of all of that, the new dungeon ends with an epic battle against the Abysmal Remnant for all the glory. That is part of what we are fighting for in Conan Exiles right? Glory, wealth, and thralls… Everything a growing warlord needs.

While the numbers may differ over time, it looks like this boss has a pretty high respawn wait time here. Just as in other titles like Conan Exiles, other groups can go in and take on the dungeon before you and leave it all in wastes with nothing for you to do but twiddle your thumbs. Currently that time is about fifty minutes before everything resets. Funcom has said that they will play with those numbers to see what best fits, but that is the current respawn time, as of this posting, so take that into account when planning your raid down into The Dregs. I'm guessing that if you see the opening to the dungeon opened then you may just want to wait and come back later.

Conan Exiles — New Dungeon, Armor, Weapons, And More!

Players can now enjoy an all new dungeon in our open-world survival Early Access game Conan Exiles. The dungeon is called The Dregs, and in it you can explore the dark sewers which spread beneath the ruins of an ancient city filled with corrupting magic.

You must perform a grizzly ritual before you can open the secret entrance to the dungeon and descend into the murky depths below. The Dregs offer a brutal challenge with new monsters to fight and puzzles to overcome. The final boss of the dungeon is the Abysmal Remnant, the result of an experiment with dark sorcery which went horribly wrong. Players can get their hands on new armor, weapons, gear and new crafting recipes by defeating the dungeon boss.

This dungeon is the third content update for Conan Exiles in the last three weeks. Two weeks ago, we introduced the dyeing system, where players can color their clothes and armor, plus many new weapons and a set of armor. Last week players could get their hands on the all new trebuchet war machine, which can fire huge boulders and even demon-fire barrages at enemy cities.

How are you finding Conan Exiles so far and do you think it will be the hit that they want it to be? Do you think that they will be able to keep the big content updates rolling out as they have or will there be some slow down to fix any issues that are plaguing the game? What would you like to see in the game before it leaves early access and goes to full production? Let us know all your thoughts and more down in the comments. As more for Conan Exiles is added and placed out there, we'll have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking back in to be able to stay completely up to date on it all.