Resident Evil 7 Tested The Dev's Courage To Join The Family

Resident Evil 7

The second making of video for Resident Evil 7 is here and it delves into Resident Evil 7's horrific family and found footage mechanics

Fresh off the heels of last week's look at how Resident Evil 7 was made, we have the latest video in the series that is being put out there. If you don't remember, last week we saw how the Bakers were originally supposed to have a pet dog in the mix and also that Capcom was working on a mechanic in-game that would have made you need to hold your breath. Of course, both of those were scrapped for the final version of Resident Evil 7 but it is interesting to see how the whole process goes over there. Not to mention to see what could have been in the game. Maybe it is just me though…

Well, this week we have our next updated video on how Resident Evil 7 was made to frighten all of us and this one focus on the bigger horror aspects that were in the game. Everything from how the setting was selected and captured down to how the family and their scenes were "mocked up" to how Jack went from being known just as 'Daddy' to what we have now. Spoiler alert…it is all based on something from the film The Shining. Another great IP that Resident Evil 7 borrowed inspiration from. I'm not going to complain at all as it all worked, but it is interesting to find out these little tidbits that I figured could be the case.

Resident Evil 7 — Welcome To The Family!

Uncover the secrets behind the development of Resident Evil 7, the multi-million selling latest entry in the hit survival horror series.

In this episode, discover how the now famous 'dinner scene' came to be and why one of the main antagonists is called 'Jack'

The most entertaining part of this had to be the look at how the infamous family dinner scene in Resident Evil 7 went from a standard one to what we finally had. I completely agree with the minds over there at Capcom that the dynamic between Marguerite and Jack needed to be the darker version that we ended up with. You can see the reasons they were together before all of the events of Resident Evil 7 but also what twisted them down the path that we found them on. I am completely on board with all of the logic here. I'm also on board with how they came up with the idea for the found footage part of the game as well. Amazingly done all around.

Are you surprised to find out these little tidbits after having experienced Resident Evil 7 or did you figure all of this before? Do you think the game would have worked as well as it did if the setting was different or the couple had a more loving relationship? Are you glad to see that the found footage scenes were based on the developers actually going into haunted locations with GoPros and tried to recreate the fear they had? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments. For more on Resident Evil 7 from developer diaries and upcoming DLC, be sure to stay right here. We will have it all for you as we can.