Outlast 2 Has Now Been Classified In Australia Without Any Edits

Outlast 2

It looks like Outlast 2 will be releasing in Australia afterall as Outlast 2 has now been given a classification of R18+ by the reviewing board

Here's a bit of good news out there just in case you weren't having a good day. It looks like Outlast 2 will be releasing down in Australia now as the ratings board down there has given the game a classification of R18+. This comes a week after were first caught wind that they refused to give the game a rating due to some of the graphic things that Red Barrels had in the game; particularly one scene. But the worry is now over as it has been resolved and now we all get to see and experience Outlast 2 on April 25th. That and with no edits or censoring as we thought would be the case to finally get the game to pass certification.

That's right. Outlast 2 will be the same for everyone who picks up the game and not be required to trim or edit the scenes and themes that cause all of the outrage from before. Currently there has been no official word as to why the change of heart has happened as it has been requested to hold off the release of the official word until March 25th, but the details don't matter right now as we just get to know that more gamers are not going to get screwed out of playing Outlast 2. That and that there will not be any worry of missing out on something that a few people thought to "raunchy" to have in a video game.

Outlast 2 — Official Gameplay

Outlast 2 — Ratings Board

“Outlast 2 has been rated R18+ by the Classification Branch in Australia and will be released 26th April 2017. There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.”

Red Barrels


If you didn't get a chance to see what caused all this craziness from before, then here it is again. Of course, this contains some spoilers for Outlast 2 as it describes a very specific scene in detail, but if you don't care about all of that and what to see what stirred up the pot in Australia then you can place your mouse over the following block and see. It does describe a very sexually driven and violent scene as a word to the wise. Then again, if you are in here because you are amped to get to play Outlast 2 then you most likely are pretty okay with this work of fiction. Have a good time reading it then.

In one cut-scene in the game… a female creature prepares Blake for a ritual. She says, "I want to see your true face. Your seed will burn this world." Shortly afterwards, he objects to having psycho-active dust blown into his face, yelling, "Nope! Nope!" before he stumbles into a forest clearing.

His vision blurring, he witnesses what appears to a ritualistic orgy. His wife, Lynn, calls out for his help, saying, "It hurts! Oh god!," as she hangs from chains on a raised platform at the front of the clearing. Humanoid creatures, their skin grey, spattered with blood and scarred, implicitly have sex as others pray, or chant, or gesticulate.

One creature has another bent over a rock, thrusting as they implicitly have rear-entry sex, another sits astride the pelvic region of a creature prone on the ground, moving their hips rhythmically as they too implicitly have sex. Two other pairs of creatures in the clearing are also implicitly having sex.

As Blake yells for the creatures to "Get away from her!" a female creature, her greyish breasts bared, pushes him onto his back, holds his arms to the ground and repeatedly thrusts her crotch against him. As Blake protests, saying "No! Stop that!" the creature thrusts again, before placing its face over his midsection and then sitting up and wiping its mouth.

Although much of the contact between the creature and Blake is obscured, by it taking place below screen, the sexualised surroundings and aggressive behavior of the creature suggest that it is an assault which is sexual in nature. The Board is of the opinion that this, combined with Blake's objections and distress, constitutes a depiction of implied sexual violence.

In the Board's opinion, the above example constitutes a depiction of implied sexual violence and therefore cannot be accommodated within the R18+ classification category and the game is therefore Refused Classification.

Are you glad to see that all gamers out there will be able to experience Outlast 2 in the same way? What do you think it was that caused for the reversal of the ruling? Do you think that will set a precedence for future titles that handle themes of a graphic nature or will this be a one-time thing for this game? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Outlast 2 is out there in any form, we will have it for you. Keep tuned into the site here so you can be sure to be completely in the know before April 25th finally rolls around.