Try To Stay Safe And Dry As Narcosis Set In Here Real Soon


A new trailer for Narcosis has released for all to look at as we wait for Narcosis to launch on its many platforms in a little over a week

It's been one long trip but it looks like we are almost there as Narcosis finally launches on March 28th here. What once started as a student project has budded up into the debut of Honor Code's first title for the Xbox One, PC, and Oculus. Not too shabby at all and that is apparently not all of the platforms for Narcosis as it is still listed as coming to "other platforms" but by now a good portion of us all know how that can be. It can be rough to get things through verification for those who don't know. But none the less, we have a release date for the game and also a new trailer to help celebrate and pique your interests just a bit more before launch.

Have a look at the latest trailer for Narcosis and see if it will fit into the style of games you are looking for. It does look like it builds off of some great ideas that we've seen become very successful in other major titles out there and the whole underwater feel adds a little bit extra to it all.

Narcosis — #Safe+Dry

Honor Code is pleased to announce that its debut effort, Narcosis, launches on Steam, Oculus and Xbox One on March 28, 2017. Narcosis has garnered critical acclaim for its unique setting, compelling narrative, striking visuals and subtle but effective usage of virtual reality. An all-new trailer demonstrates some of the surreal sights, sounds and situations encountered in the abyss.

Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean: Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his dwindling oxygen — and sanity — give out.

First conceived as a student project, this first person survival story unfolds from inside a “walking coffin” — a half-ton, high-tech deep-sea dive suit — following an industrial catastrophe. Influenced and inspired by a growing appetite for unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but steeped in the surreal.

I do have to say that Narcosis does look like it has the creep and "alien" fears down pretty well here. That is what many people fear about going under water; besides the not being able to breathe part. It does look like that resource will be something we will have to manage in the game here as it looks linked into the core gameplay mechanics of it all. It also looks like Narcosis is a walking simulator of sorts as well. Don't get me wrong, those are amazing games in their own ways as I loved ADR1FT but it would be nice to know if there is more to it than that right out of the gate. Hopefully we'll all know soon and then see how many can make it through in VR mode for the game.

How do you feel about Narcosis after seeing all of this here? Do you think that there will be more than just walking around and dealing with your descent into insanity or will it be another creepy walking simulator? How do you think the oxygen will factor into the gameplay here? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we get more on Narcosis in any way, we will have it here on the site for you. Be sure to keep checking back in as if your interest is piqued, you won't want to miss out on what else could be coming.