Rumors Are Out There That Evil Within 2 Is In Development

Evil Within 2

Rumors have started that The Evil Within 2 is in development based on a recent job posting for Q/A to work on The Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break 2 in Japan

The rumor mill is churning as it looks like hints that The Evil Within 2, or Psycho Break 2 if you wish, is currently in development and at the point where they are looking for QA people. At least this is all to be believed from a recent, unconfirmed, private job listing over there for Tango Gameworks that has found its way online and then screen captured for all to see. The bigger thing giving this new rumor for The Evil Within 2 much of its merit currently is that Bethesda has already teased some big titles for the year and that Tango has claimed it wanted to make this a franchise and not just a one-off title. But it's still unconfirmed at this point so take that as you will for now.

If all of this is to be believed, The Evil Within 2 has been in the works since we last had the DLC drop for the original title as it looks like the position would be to track bugs and translate them over to the English side of the development team. Also, if true it looks like they would only need said person until Halloween this year which could mean a late 2017 or early 2018 release for the game. Bethesda did something like this with Fallout 4 after all so it would shock me if The Evil Within 2 was kept under wraps until only a few months from launch. So it is all quite possible that we could see a reveal at E3 and then a launch for Halloween if they really wanted to push it.

The Evil Within 2 — Job Posting

Google Translated:

【Japan - UK bug report translator】

Total 1 person Title Psycho Break 2

Language English Japanese

Number of people 1

Nanba station Nearest station: Tamachi *

On site work period (planned) 4/10 / Monday to 10/31 (Tue) until weekday 5 Working day, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays!

There is a possibility, but I think it is almost there.

Possibility Hours Unit price 1,400 yen (Negotiable) Time 10: 30 ~ 19: 30 Production: 8.0h Break: 1h Overtime: possibility of occurrence

Transportation expenses are separately provided DH Provided by domestic testers QA Bugs (Japanese) are bug-translated into English for overseas development staff. Job content (plan) |. Specification materials prepared by overseas development staff / Denosig usage and work instructions for Japanese DII tester. Specification grasp of touching some real machine before bug translation will occur. ·

Hardware target: PS4 / XI

Of course, as I have said, none of this is 100% confirmed as even a real job posting for The Evil Within 2/Psycho Break 2. The source is still being vetted as I type this. On top of that, none of the dates could mean a damned thing to anyone outside of the employee and employer if real. All I know is that it does seem a bit more on the likely side of it all given what both the developer and publisher have stated and teased so far. I hope it is all true and we can get back into the weird world with The Evil Within 2. Especially since Resident Evil 7 has truly sparked off the horror genre again and I'd love to see how this one goes with it as well.

What do you think about this rumor for The Evil Within 2? Does it have any merit given the comments made before or is it all a hoax to get the fan-base stirred up for now reason? Could we see a reveal in June with an October release date given that Tango Gameworks could have had about two years to work on this title in private? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. As more on this rumor for The Evil Within 2 or any of its news comes out, we will have it here. Keep your eyes glued to the screen here as if you were a fan before, I have a feeling you'll love what is cooked up next.