This Is How Source Crystals For Injustice 2 Work & Not Make It Pay To Win

Injustice 2

We have some new information on Injustice 2's Source Crystals and what they do as well as a good look at Injustice 2's version of Firestorm now

We are back again with more Injustice 2 new and updates and while this isn't anything in lines with a new character reveal, we do have a new look at just how character customization and Source Crystals will work in the game. Source Crystal being the in-game currency for those who want to make their specific characters have a look and feel other than what NetherRealm Studios has provided out the gate. Also for those who want to have some of those premier skins in Injustice 2 without needing to buy the larger bundles of the game before May 16th. Although this will all cost you a bit more money no matter how you break it down.

Source Crystals in Injustice 2 are a way for us to pay real-world money to have quick access to a lot of different cosmetic options in the game that we would either need to grind for or wouldn't have access to outside of this. Note here that I mention cosmetic as Source Crystals will never be used to purchase anything that changes gameplay or progression for Injustice 2 but all for cosmetic things. NetherRealm isn't trying to make a pay to win style of game here but they want us all to have the creative freedom when it comes to our fighters. Isn't that swell of them to think of all of us non-artists who want to play artist before beating down another gamer while dressed as pink Batman?

There has been no set price for Source Crystals for Injustice 2 as of yet, but I'm going to guess that the normal we see for this style of mechanic will carry over here. Where things get a little dicey for me though is that you can use Source Crystals to alter the look of your gear to fit what you want, but also you can use them to quick-level another character up to level 20; provided you have one already there before hand. This is where I'm missing the whole not pay to win thing. Because you don't want to spend the time with another character to reach the level 20 badass in your own in Injustice 2 you can shell out the cash and just have it done. Unless the level means absolutely nothing and not tied to character stats, that is fine, but I'm fairly certain that they are or it would make no sense whatsoever to even level them. Even if it is tied to gear you can wear, that will allow a noob with Firestorm to get all the cool enhancements from gear right away because they have perfected Batman already.

Also, and a little more minor, if I can change the look of the gear I have on my Injustice 2 character how does that not give an unfair advantage in one way? If I have a specific piece of gear that boosts all of my stats, but to "make it look good" I change it up to look unassuming, I'll enter into a match where the other player may be expecting one thing because of the gear and then get another. Granted this only goes for non-ranked matches in Injustice 2 but that could also lead to some off-balancing as I see what is there without the details only to find out it was all a ruse. Seems like a level of psychological lying that NetherRealm either didn't think about or doesn't think will make for unfair fights. Unless it doesn't change everything to that level of difference in the end.

Introducing Source Crystals for Injustice 2!

Source Crystals are a new type of currency available in Injustice 2 that are used to purchase cosmetic features for characters. Source Crystals can be purchased using real money but aren’t required to progress or advance in the game and can’t be used to purchase Gear or an advantage in gameplay. We value our community and want to be clear – you cannot “pay to win” with Injustice 2.

Source Crystals can only be used to purchase cosmetic adjustments to your fighters, Premiere character Skins with no gameplay advantage, and various Shaders for character costumes.

You can also Transform Gear with Source Crystals. Transform Gear allows you to apply the visuals of one piece of Gear to another piece. For example, if you have a piece of Gear with your perfect stat loadout but it doesn’t have your perfect look, you can apply the visuals from one of your other pieces of Gear to it. After using Transform Gear, your Gear piece will have your preferred stats matched with your preferred visuals.

Injustice 2 — Transform Gear With Source Crystals

Source Crystals offer more opportunities to customize your fighters that won’t affect gameplay or game progression. The cosmetic adjustments to your characters are for you own personal preference of how you want your fighters to look, and can add details to your characters overall appearance.

Character Shaders offer a wide range of color combinations for your character Gear. Premiere Skins will change your character’s look from top to bottom. For example, you can change Supergirl into Powergirl, but the power and stats of the character are still based on Gear equipment that you’ve earned through playing the game. The Premiere Skin change is only visual.

Source Crystals can help you save time in the game. For example, once you level a character up to Level 20, you can use Source Crystals to level up other characters to 20. This is optional and won’t affect gameplay or game progression.

Source Crystals can be purchased in the PlayStation and Xbox One Stores.

Source Crystals and all aside, this week we also had the announcement of Firestorm coming to Injustice 2. Sure we had the announcement but the showing of the character was more PR for a YouTube channel than getting the gamers what they really want to see. To fix that, we now have an official trailer for Firestorm as well as a little better look at how he will play and some of his moves. He really does have more than flight and throwing a fireball than we've seen before. Gods I hate self-promotion when there is something to truly show off to the masses. Without further waiting, here's your better look at Firestorm for Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Firestorm!

How do you feel about Source Crystals here in Injustice 2 and how they will work and unlock things? Do you see the same issues I see for them here or do you trust that NetherRealm Studios has placed in some blocks to not allow for that tomfoolery to happen in any matches? What are your thoughts on Firestorm now that you've been able to see him in a better light? Let us and the world know your thoughts on this down in the comments and then discuss. For more Injustice 2 news and updates, be sure to stay right here. There are still many more to come and we will bring you everything that we can as we head toward May 16th.