Our First Look At Episode 3 Of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Is Here

The Walking Dead

We have our first look at The Walking Dead: A New Frontier episode three and it looks like The Walking Dead universe is kicking the game up a notch

It has taken a bit longer than I thought, but it looks like we finally have our first taste of episode three for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. I know I was hoping for it to come shortly after last month's physical release but it looks like we still have a bit to wait as it will be hitting us on March 28th for now. That doesn't mean that Telltale Games didn't have something to show everyone out at PAX East though as a nice little teaser for this new episode of The Walking Dead was shown off and, in typical fashion, make it looks like the shit is truly hitting the fan. As if it hadn't already and such.

Just as with all of the other trailers that they put out, there isn't much in way of spoilers in the following trailer. I'll refrain from talking on a few things until a bit down the page for those who want to turn back, but if you wish to press on here is what was recently shown for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier episode three; Above The Law.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — PAX East Above The Law

The group is faced with a shocking revelation after arriving in Richmond. Developments will further agitate tension from Javier's past.

It definitely looks like we are getting more of Javier's backstory here in this episode. Not only that but in true The Walking Dead manner it looks like he is also going to be confronting all of those issues and hopefully get some meaningful character development from it. Not to say that we haven't had that already, but it looks like we are going to be seeing some of his truer dark past and deeds here. Or at least we'll hopefully get to make the choice on if he does those deeds or not as this is a game from Telltale Games and it is all about the choice in these titles.

It also looks like we will finally have a few more answers on what happened to Clementine and A.J. between the second season of The Walking Dead and A New Frontier. At least that is what I had from the little tease we did get to see here near the end. I'm still only on my first play through of each of the episodes so far so I am not sure what branches occur in the story so don't harsh on me if it is revealed in a path I have yet to take. None the less it does look like we are hitting the boiling point in A New Frontier with this episode and now the days won't pass fast enough.

What do you think we will see for Javier in this episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier? Do you think it will all just play out for us or will we get to influence the choices in the normal way here? What do you think has truly happened with A.J. in the story or are you still waiting to find out as well? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If this episode's release is like the others then we will be seeing a full trailer for this here soon and just how things may play out in The Walking Dead. Keep your eyes glued here as we'll have all of that and more as it all comes to light.