Have More On How Horizon Zero Dawn's World Was Built & Fleshed Out

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another developer breakdown for Horizon Zero Dawn is here and shows off more on how Horizon Zero Dawn's world was built and how the facial animations were captured

Hopefully you are not getting tired of hearing about Horizon Zero Dawn as not only do we have more to look at for it, but it launches in only a few days on February 28th. I know I feel like we've had so much on the game shown off so far from Guerrilla Games but as it sounds, we have only been shown very little to date. That is great for those who want to stay as spoiler free as possible. More so when we get videos like we have here today that shows off a bit more on how Horizon Zero Dawn's world was crafted to be a seamless kind of thing but as it turns out, there is even more to know that will make it all feel that little extra nice.

In this new video for Horizon Zero Dawn we don't get much more to look at in terms of the world but there is a lot more discussion on how the team has crafted it all to have no load screens or downtime between locations. I really do hope that this hasn't been over-exaggerated. Also, it looks like Horizon Zero Dawn has recorded multiple hours of motion capture for the facial animations for the dialog in the game to make it flow a little nicer. They claim about 15 hours or so to keep away from needing to use procedural animations for it, but I have a feeling this is only for those bigger scenes in the game and we will still see some of the basic lip movements we see in all games.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Building The World

It’s almost time to stop waiting and start playing. PlayStation Store lets you pre-order and play Horizon Zero Dawn immediately at launch. Join us at 9pm Pacific, February 27. We’ll be playing. Will you?

Currently Horizon Zero Dawn is reviewing rather well from many media outlets out there and players are claiming over 60 hours of play so far. That makes all of this a bit more impressive as that is a massive undertaking to keep it all seamless and flowing as claimed. So far most have said they have not noticed load times which is great, but we'll all see here next week when the game launches. I'm still extremely excited.

Have you been given too many Horizon Zero Dawn updates or do you still crave more with only a few days left here? Do you think that every facial animation was motion captured or will it only be for the bigger story events in the game? Do you think that we will see some level of loading or has Guerrilla Games truly cracked that nut and has made an amazing engine for us? Let us know and then feel free to discuss down in the comments. If there is more for Horizon Zero Dawn before and after launch, you can bet we will have it here. Be sure to keep coming back as you won't want to miss out on a thing.