Another New Jason Teased For Friday The 13th: The Game As Pre-Order Bonus

Friday The 13th

The pre-order bonus for Friday The 13th: The Game has been shown off in ways of the custom Jason for Friday The 13th crafted by Tom Savini

If you've been following along with Friday The 13th: The Game since day one then you may be familiar with the bonus of an extra Jason for the game from the mind of Tom Savini. This is to go above and beyond all of the other versions of the character that Illfonic currently has for the game as well as everything that Gun Media has planned as well. I guess this would fall under planned as the only way to get this version is to pre-order Friday The 13th, but I digress. With all of that said, now we have our first tease of just how this version of Jason will look in the game.

While it is a first look at this version of the character, not much more is talked about in terms of what else he will bring to Friday The 13th: The Game when the game launches. Have a look at the little tease here and if you like what you see then you might want to head over and pre-order the game right now as it looks to be the only way to get this version at the moment. Or you can hold out to see what other alterations will be coming with this Jason hopefully in the near future.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Tom Savini Custom Jason

Just a glimpse at Savini’s creation. Pre-Order this Jason today as it is only available for limited time.

We can't see much about this version of Jason here in this teaser but it does look like a less bulky version than we've had so far in Friday The 13th: The Game. It also looks like there could be some extra vines or wiring on his arm as well as something sticking out of the shoulders. Then of course there is the fire under the mask that lights up the eyes and mouth; which of course looks like a poke at Jason Goes To Hell.

As of right now I have a few mixed feelings as Jason has always been tied more to water than fire in history, but also the fact that this skin would have an extra way for counselor to spot Jason at a distance a bit easier in Friday The 13th: The Game. I haven't fully seen the skin nor seen if this version will also bring on some extra actions and kills, but the silhouette does look cool. Hopefully the gameplay will counter any of the visual issues I can see occurring due to the lighting. Until then I'll hold any real thoughts on it as the gameplay could make the extra spotting distance a moot point and then one of the best in Friday The 13th to date.

How do you feel about this version of Jason in Friday The 13th even though it is only a slight tease? Do you think that the flames in the eyes will make it easier to see him coming or will things get mitigated through mechanics? Have you already pre-ordered or does this now make you want to shell out the cash early for the game? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. Hopefully we'll see both Friday The 13th: The Game and this version of Jason soon but as we wait be sure to stick right here as we'll keep all of those updates and visuals coming and you won't want to miss out.