Theseus Is A New VR Experience Aiming To Place Us Into The Myths


A new VR title, Theseus, has been announced and we get a nice look at how Theseus' adventures are going to rebuilt in VR

Greek stories are always full of fun stories and adventures for video games to use and now it looks like the stories of Theseus will be brought to life in a new VR experience that has just been announced. A new VR experience being crafted by Forge Reply and heading to platforms unknown for now. I think it would be safe to assume that Theseus will be coming to all of the major VR platforms, but as this is only an announcement of the game, it is fair that none of that is set in stone just yet. If the game engine was mentioned it would also make the task of narrowing the list down a bit easier, but for now this is where it all stand.

Thankfully, Theseus' announcement also comes along with a nice little 360° teaser trailer that can be viewed on anything that can run the functionality from YouTube. Again, that runs the gamut. It also looks like the focus of Theseus is going to be on the Minotaur and the maze that always comes along with it. The video here doesn't do much to dictate that so it could be possible that other adventures the Greek hero had may pop up, but for now that is all that has been confirmed. Although it really does look like Theseus is heading into the Underworld here in this trailer but looks can always be deceiving when it comes to things like this.

Theseus — 360° Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer of Theseus, a dark and mature representation of the Greek myth of the Minotaur, designed specifically for Virtual Reality by Forge Reply.

This stereoscopic video can be viewed in VR using the YouTube Mobile App & Google Cardboard.

If the 360° thing isn't your jam or you don't have a good way to view it, there is also a standard version of this Theseus announcement trailer for you to watch. It does give you a better way to look at everything going on as you may be looking elsewhere when the action takes place. I'd also like to think that given how the trailer is set up here that maybe we will see an option to play Theseus in the same way so it won't be locked down to specific users while alienating those who don't have the setup. Maybe it is something to look into Forge Reply. At least if the game engine is capable of doing that and everything.

Theseus — Teaser Trailer

How cool does Theseus look to you or is it still too early to tell given that it is only a few minutes to look at? Do you think it will stay 100% about the Minotaur or will we see other events mixed in to the overall experience? Do you think it would be possible for a standard view experience like this to work out or will it need to be all in VR? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Theseus as it is revealed, you'll want to stay right here as we'll keep all of the updates and news for this flowing on out as we get it.