The Earth Really Is Not Ours Anymore In Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn has been released showing off just how the world became the place it is in Horizon Zero Dawn's main story

Another week and another huge batch of Horizon Zero Dawn trailers to look at dissect as we wait for February 28th to finally get here and we can load up the game on our PS4. It seems like such a long wait still but as long as Guerrilla Games keeps bringing out these new trailers for us I think we will be able to manage. At least as long as we can keep to being as spoiler free as we've been able to so far for Horizon Zero Dawn. That has been a concern of mine for some time as well as many other gamers out there but we have been able to do it so far. Even with all of the big batches of gameplay that have been released into the wilds so far.

Let all of that fun continue as even the trailers for today don't spoil anything we already didn't know for Horizon Zero Dawn as it is mostly story background and environmental looks at the game. For instance, the first trailer that we have here is a look at just how the world progressed physically to the state that it is in now. Pretty much all of the nature reclaiming the Earth stuff that we've seen all over the place in the game. I am guessing that the core reason as to why it is dominated by robots and machines will be left to the core story of Horizon Zero Dawn and for us to find out, but it looks like the ball got started in a time not too different then our is currently.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Earth is Ours No More Extended

When everything plunged into darkness, nature reclaimed what once was ours. The world belongs to the machines now…

Join machine hunter Aloy on her journey to discover why Earth is ours no more when Horizon Zero Dawn arrives exclusively on PS4 on February 28th.

Now that we've seen the world devolve in Horizon Zero Dawn let's have a look at how we will explore and what we can see in the game. Technically this is where things could get a bit spoiler filled as we have real gameplay now, but unless you really care about seeing locations and actions in the game that don't look to hidden or secret, even though Guerrilla Games lists them as here, then you should be fine. More or less it is a look at how we should also keep exploring in Horizon Zero Dawn to find all of the nooks and crannies where little treasures have been hidden. It wouldn't be a good exploration style game if we didn't have things hidden all over the place now would it?

Horizon Zero Dawn — Explore the Wild

Where will your journey take you? Explore new frontiers, discover ancient mysteries and seek out unique artefacts in Horizon Zero Dawn.

To wrap it all up we have a look at more of the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. Nothing too new than the breakdowns we had last week, but just more "stock footage" so to say. It is titled "overwhelming odds" but more or less it is like going through a Jurassic Park ride and looking at all of the machines doing their thing without Aloy mucking life up for them. Or any of the other factions and characters in Horizon Zero Dawn for that matter. Sure, once we move into the thick of things it will all get overwhelming but that would only be our poor decisions and planning that would cause that when not just site seeing in the game. Yes, that is a weird way to look at it for now.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Overwhelming Odds

How will you survive? Journey through a wilderness filled with machines, where danger lurks at every turn. Face the machines head-on in intense tactical combat when Horizon Zero Dawn comes exclusively to PS4 on February 28th.

Are you just ready for Horizon Zero Dawn to launch or not? Do you think that the main story will all be about Aloy figuring out not just why the machines have gone off script but also what caused the downfall of humans to progress to this style of living again? Do you think that all of the hidden goodies we will have to explore for will have solid reasons to be placed in weird spots or will that just be to force fun gameplay? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as we wait. As we find out more for Horizon Zero Dawn we of course will have it here for you. Keep checking in to make sure you don't miss out on a single thing as the 28th gets closer.