Resident Evil: Vendetta Brings More Of The Franchise To Us This Summer

Resident Evil

A new Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer has been released and it looks like we'll have more Resident Evil this Summer in the way of this CG film

It's only been assumed up to now but it looks like Resident Evil: Vendetta will be coming state-side this Summer. Not only that, but it looks like it will also be getting a nationwide theatrical release as well. Just another way to get more of our beloved Capcom IP here now. This should be relatively great news for all of those Resident Evil fans out there as that puts it all at one major title release, a plethora of add-on and DLC releases, and two theatrical releases for the franchise. Not too bad of a deal at all. Especially as this is a CG film that sticks a lot closer to the source material than the live action films ever did.

All of this comes out because of a new trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta that has released that not only shows off this new time frame and market, but also shows off a bit more of the story. The story in a lot of our reader's natural language as that. A story that also looks to bring Chris, Leon, and Rebecca back into the fight against a new form of the virus and a lot of new enemies in New York. It also looks like a lot of our favorites from before are rearing their ugly heads again too, but as a wise man once said, "Newer is better." At least after the "always" was removed from the line…

Resident Evil: Vendetta — In Theaters Nationwide Summer 2017

"3rd installment of the CG animated film directly connected to the Resident Evil game’s story. Starring fan favorite characters Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, and a comeback of Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0. Executive Produced by Takashi Shimizu for horror mastery, and produced by Marza Animation Planet currently working with Columbia Pictures for Sonic."

This does bring on the third CG film in the franchise's history and seeing as the previous titles were rather good and the trailers we've already seen, Resident Evil: Vendetta looks like it could be what all those fans of the action-oriented version of the games were hoping for. Given how well-received Resident Evil 7 has been so far, maybe it is time for Capcom to look at keeping the horror in the games and the action on the screens. That is how I am liking it when it comes to these CG films and the games and I can't be the only one out there with those feelings. Then again, I really could be. It is a large and scary world out there after all.

Are you glad to see that Resident Evil: Vendetta will be coming state-side and on the silver screen instead of the smaller, digital home ones? What do you think of all of the CG films that have released so far for the franchise? Do you agree with the horror in the game and action on the screen feelings as I do? Let us know and then feel free to discuss down in the comments. If we get more for Resident Evil: Vendetta, we will have it up on the site for you. With any luck we'll get a release date for the film here soon and then see how action packed our Summer will truly be this year.