Drawn To Death Has Now Written The Release Date In The Notebook

Drawn To Death

The release date for Drawn To Death has been set now and we are also treated to a little more on how Drawn To Death came together in the end

If you were a fan of Drawn To Death and enjoyed the fuck out of the early access or beta version of the game then you will also be glad to know that it finally has set a release date for all to be able to give the game a go on the PS4. It looks like the team over at Bartlet Jones has finally got everything wrapping up and we can look to be diving into the pages of the game on April 4th here. Yes, that will be the day that we can all get our hands on Drawn To Death and finally get back into the mix of things since the testing and access was shut down what feels like ages ago. I for one was getting antsy on all of this and I am sure that many others out there were too.

Unless things have changed, we should still be seeing the 6 characters already announced for Drawn To Death to be coming along with the 26 different weapons, 7 different maps to start with, 6 gameplay modes, and the two other "mystery systems" that have yet to be defined outside of name. Not a terrible spread there given that I know many of them were up and running during the early access and all felt really well put together. Seeing as the team has been working closely with the community of gamers supporting Drawn To Death, I am certain that things have only progressed further and to make a better gaming experience at the end of the day. I don't know why I feel bias now…

Drawn To Death — Inside Look

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest content from Drawn To Death, the brawler/shooter hybrid from Game Director David Jaffe. What’s waiting for you inside the pages of the notebook? Jump in and find out!

One thing that looks to have changed a bit here for Drawn To Death, and has seen some backlash already, is the fact that it will now run $19.99 USD to pick up the game on April 4th. For the run up to now Bartlet Jones has stated that the game was to be free-to-play and would only use the micro-transactions we've seen so far for players to gain access to extra characters, costumes, weapons, and levels in the game. I for one can easily see Drawn To Death being worth $20 for the start up in general but this does bring about the question of if the other in-game market has been altered or will it still be the same. So far there hasn't been word on that but now that there is a startup fee to play Drawn To Death I am sure that the team and publisher has something in place to soothe those who are upset about that.

Are you ready to be able to plunge back into Drawn To Death here in a few months or have you already lost interest given the time gap? Are you put out by the fact that the game will now cost $20 from the start or do you agree that it is a decent price for everything as is? Do you think that the other transactions in the game will be altered at all or will they be just as we all experienced back in the early access? Let us know what you are thinking there down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more on Drawn To Death is given out though, we will have it here on the site for you. Be sure to keep checking back in as hopefully there will be many more updates before the game's launch.