Mass Effect: Andromeda's Pre-Order Bonuses Are Here With A Hint Of Multiplayer

Mass Effect

A new pre-order trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has shown up online and not only do we see the bonuses, but Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer is teased

Here we go with kind of a two-for-one with a new Mass Effect: Andromeda update here. We have just under two months to wait until the game hits our PS4, Xbox One, or PC and that means it is time to start putting our money down to secure what BioWare has for us in the game. Pre-ordering shows your support for Mass Effect: Andromeda as well as puts the bean counter's minds at ease over at EA; at least for a bit. That all said, now we have a look at just what securing your copy of the game a little early will secure you in terms of bonuses. Yes, the pre-order bonuses are here for us to look at.

All in all, not too much to write home about here for Mass Effect: Andromeda in terms of the bonuses. It looks like we will be picking up a Nomad skin, some Deep Space Explorer Armor, and a multiplayer Booster Pack. Most like all cosmetic stuff to show off to the world you paid first and also a way to earn more XP and gear right out of the game on March 21st. Like I said, pretty standard stuff and you can see it all in action just below in the trailer that has been provided for the announcement. Let's keep hoping that there won't be any platform exclusive stuff here as those publishers like to do.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Preorder Trailer

Pre-Order Mass Effect: Andromeda today and receive an exclusive set of Deep Space Explorer Armor, a Unique Nomad skin, and a Multiplayer Booster Pack to give you the edge on the battlefield.

Wait, did you catch that? At about the 15 second mark. Was that our first look at what Mass Effect: Andromeda will have in terms of multiplayer here? Or at least a mode for it? It looks like that was the case and it was obfuscated rather well here in the trailer. That seems rather odd as you'd think that BioWare would want to make a big deal about showing that off to the fans and not just have a two-second blip that many can easily miss here. Then again, it really doesn't show off too much, as with all of the marketing materials so far, so it could just be a sign that it is there and we should all trust enough to pre-order. That's just what they would want us to do anyways.

Of course this really doesn't mean much at this point as we still have some time to get all that Mass Effect: Andromeda news out there and maybe EA is holding off for a few more weeks to let the excitement build. Of course that doesn't change the fact that they could have just used any bit of b-roll in the background but instead chose this to make us all talk about it. In turn that does save them on the marketing as now we are generating our own buzz about it. Maybe that was the true plan and we'll have some solid video breakdowns here in the coming weeks to show off modes and just what is going on in the multiplayer of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

What do you think of the pre-order bonuses here for Mass Effect: Andromeda that we have right now? Are they enough to get you to shell out the cash to secure your copy or will you be holding out a bit longer? DO you find it strange that EA would mix in some multiplayer footage here when it has only really been mentioned and never shown before now? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss it all. Be sure to stick here on the site for more on Mass Effect: Andromeda as we will do our damnedest to keep you as up to date as we can moving forward.