Friday The 13th: The Game Has A Few Changes Coming Out Of PAX South

Friday The 13th

During the PAX South panel Friday The 13th: The Game had some new changes shown off as well as a new Jason coming to Friday The 13th and other customization

Just before PAX South we had a nice new trailer for Friday The 13th: The Game pop up and it showed off some new music and a new Jason mixed into the game now in terms of the Misfits and the Part 6 version of the character respectively. Of course if this was all that Gun Media had for us it would have been a bit pointless for them to have a solid panel down at the convention over the last weekend. Thankfully for all of us and Friday The 13th fans that was only a small sample to give us all something on the first 13th that fell on a Friday of the year. Yes, there was even more to have been taken in and we have it all here for you to check out as we continue to wait for Early 2017 to finally turn into a solid date and then we'll all be murdering with the best of them.

You can see the full panel discussion below if you want to see all of the news in motion or all of the questions for Friday The 13th that have already been seen or the team couldn't answer "for reasons." If you don't have an hour to spare right now, the main points brought up were that the beta brought forth a few changes to some gameplay mechanics. Now it looks like the Flare Gun and Firecrackers the counselors can use, if used properly, can stun Jason for a bit instead of just distract. The flare gun requires a hit to Jason while the firecrackers look to be just if Jason happens to be near them when they go off. They still do the same distractions as before but now they have a little more oomph to them to make them worthwhile to hold onto.

When it comes to Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game, it looks like the Rage ability has been removed from the four that we get to use. It hasn't been removed nor has it been changed from being a time activated thing, but it is now a passive ability that will fire off as the match progresses and from the sounds of it, it still does about the same thing. A new ability has taken its place but Gun Media was very hush on just what it does for now. As for more updates on Jason, we also had a nice look at the Jason from Part 8 join in the mix. It wasn't hidden that this version was coming but the first look at the character model for this version was also shown off here for the first time. It looks like I have a new main to build up to now…

Friday The 13th: The Game — PAX South 2017 Panel Discussion

We reveal Packanack Lodge, Jason Part 8 and discuss the various changes and gameplay tweaks that were made as a direct result of feedback! We also go in depth on the release window and the challenges inherent with publishing for multiple platforms.

In addition to all of that we were all also treated to a look at a new location in Friday The 13th: The Game. It is mainly just the exterior of it, but the Packanack Lodge was also shown off and explained on how difficult it was for Illfonic to create. As like many of the other items from the franchise's history, the location and building used in the films doesn't exist anymore so the team had to piece it all together based on shots from the film itself. While the physical blueprints may have been a bit different, you cannot deny that the team did an amazing job at recreating it digitally here. Again, another thing to head on up to the video here and have a look for as it is some of the new visuals and maps coming to Friday The 13th that can't be described perfectly in text.

Are you glad to see some of these changes coming to Friday The 13th: The Game out of the beta or did you want to see them all stay the same? Do you think that Jason's new ability will allow him to just appear behind a counselor given the art and description for it here? What other locations do you hope to see make it into the final build of the game here? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as you wish. As we learn more on Friday The 13th here we will bring it out to you. Be sure to keep on the lookout for more on all of that in the coming months as Early 2017 is quickly coming to an end and there is no word on possibly going further than that.