New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Shows Off A New Quest & Much More

Horizon Zero Dawn

Some new gameplay for Horizon Zero Dawn has been placed out there that takes us through one of Horizon Zero Dawn's main quests while showing off other new features

Today is the day that we start to get inundated with all kinds of Horizon Zero Dawn impressions and first looks. That is because the embargo has lifted for all of those other major outlets out there that had a chance to join Guerrilla Games as they showed off the latest build of the game on the PS4 just to get everyone even more hyped up for February 28th here. Of course that means that some will just be words and others just b-roll footage of Horizon Zero Dawn, but thankfully it looks like we have a new look at a main quest in the game right from the developers and it not only shows off how nice the game looks but also a few new features that have only been glossed over in the past so far.

Seeing as this bit of gameplay takes place somewhere in the middle of Horizon Zero Dawn and also contains some minor spoilers, I'll break down a few of the new items so you can skip the video if you want to have a pure play through the first time. It looks like stealth will play a larger role in the game than mentioned or shown before. At least in this gameplay as we also learn that the eye-like icon in the screen indicates your stealth status currently. It looks like the ear-piece scanner also does a bit more than just show weaknesses and stats for the enemies. The world will also be filled with a lot more side quests and optional quests than explained before which could lead to an even larger game in the end. I believe I spotted at least nine that they didn't pick up during this main mission.

There was also a side quest that opens up a whole new branch of story in Horizon Zero Dawn as well as items in way of hunting challenges. They the guys from Guerrilla Games didn't show any of this off but as explained, they are timed trials that can be undertaken that push their own story and also offer up exclusive items for completion. Exclusive meaning that you can only get these items by completing the trials and not exclusive as in paid DLC. It is said that we have to make that distinction now…

Horizon Zero Dawn — Quest Playthrough

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy will have to face many challenges to progress through the game and learn more about her world. In this exclusive video, quest designers David Ford and Dennis Zoetebier show us one of the missions you'll take on when playing the game.

There was also a slight look at the progression and crafting system as well, but they were so glossed over that it is barely worth mentioning. It does look like scavenging in Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be one of the main ways to keep Aloy completely up to snuff in the game's world but given that there are merchants there could be a way for here to purchase what is needed instead. All in all more that we will have to wait to see in the future or at launch for Horizon Zero Dawn. Also the inclusion of a Photo Mode is in there but like the other items, we'll be waiting to see it in action. That one though can most likely be assumed to work just as every other game out there that has it though. I think it is a safe bet.

Are you just ready for Horizon Zero Dawn to get here already or are you still in the undecided category even after this quest gameplay? Do you think that Guerrilla has over stuffed the game with side quests to just fill time or to fully expand the experience? Are you ready to sneak up on all of those horrible robots out there or will you always go in arrows-a-blazin' at the end of the day? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Horizon Zero Dawn be sure to stick right here on the site. We will keep bringing you all of the great updates and hopefully none of the bad ones. Only time will tell though.