The Town Of Light's Story Is Now On Its Way To Console In 2017

The Town Of Light

It looks like The Town Of Light will now be heading over to the console arena as The Town Of Light has been announced for upgrade and the PS4


The Town Of Light coming to Xbox One as well

The Town Of Light is also coming to Xbox One, it was confirmed today. It will launch in Q2 2017 on Xbox One and PS4, while an "improved" version for PC is also coming out.

This is starting to look like the week were more PC titles are heading on over to the consoles as now we are going to see The Town Of Light over on the PS4 here sometime in 2017. This would be the interesting little title based on true events and locations from that delves into not only human insanity but also how they were treated back in the 1930's. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen anything along the lines of what The Town Of Light will show, but it wasn't that great and even more so you are a 16 year-old girl in the middle of all of this trying to figure out what went on. At least if that is how you choose to go down the story as the path is nonlinear and evolves based on your choices and actions.

While The Town Of Light isn't a truly new title as it launched February of last year, it will be getting a bit more polish on it just for the PS4 version of the game. More or less I am guessing that it will be getting the PS4 Pro extras added in besides the controller scheme as the game already looked damn good the first time around. Maybe there will be more but as of now it is pretty much the dark and twisted title that many have enjoyed already. Hopefully more too when The Town Of Light finally comes to the PS4 down the road here.

The Town Of Light — Accolades

Inspired by true events, The Town Of Light finds its setting at the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, Tuscany, Italy. In operation for close to a century, the asylum closed in the late 1970s following a law passed by the Italian government, ordering the closure of such facilities and that patients be returned their human rights.

The Town Of Light delves into a number of delicate themes through the eyes of protagonist Renée, a resident of the institution, as she tries to piece together her past, exploring the ruins of the facility where she endured much of her youth.

It may be interesting to note as it has come up in the recent discussions for The Town Of Light but we may also see it coming with PS VR support; or at least that is the hope. Currently there is a push to get the Steam version to use the Oculus or Vive to experience the game and it so hopefully the PS VR. It would make sense in the end and would also explain the larger gap between the title hitting the PC and then the console. There is no official word on it though so it is just wishful thinking for now but I wouldn't say that The Town Of Light getting said support could be off the table just yet. We'll have to wait and see.

The Town Of Light — Launch Trailer

Did you get to play The Town Of Light the first time around or will this new release be the first time for you? Do you think that it will just be the main PS4 Pro upgrades that will be coming with this version of the game or will there be a whole lot of extra stuff now? Do you think that it will get VR support as many have asked and spoke about already? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. As more on The Town Of Light comes out though, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep the updates for it all flowing out as we get them.