Resident Evil 7's Fear Comes Even More Alive With A 4D Experience

Resident Evil 7

A newly licensed candle for Resident Evil 7 has popped up and aims to bring a 4D experience to Resident Evil 7 through VR as well as scent

If you were starting to get brave enough to give Resident Evil 7 a play through in VR, or you already have, then it is time to try and up the ante here again. As it turns out, Capcom has another way to trick the senses here for the game as they have joined forces with merchandiser Numskull to bring a candle to us for the game. Not just any candle as that wouldn't be too insane for Resident Evil 7, but a candle that will put off the smells we will have from inside the Baker estate in the game. This way you can play the game from start to end with a new 4D experience going on to try and enhance the fear levels and accost your senses even more than just visually. You know, because that is something that should be wanted for all and not just those looking for the extra thrill…

Of course this doesn't require you to use a VR headset to play Resident Evil 7 and enjoy the scents but it is just another way I guess. I'm also going to guess that it is something that won't be used much more than with the game here as it is supposed to mimic the in-game smells which, if you've been following along with the game so far, should be the smells of an abandoned house in the middle of swamp land. I'm going to guess that it isn't going to be the most pleasant of scents but it does come in a nice Tin case to contain it all when you are done playing. Hopefully it doesn't have a long linger time. It is slated to be able to burn for around 20 to 25 hours so I'm going to guess that it really doesn't last that long.

Currently you can pre-order your Resident Evil 7 4D VR Candle and get it all set up to you by January 24th so you can truly "enjoy" the game here. It is currently priced at about $15 USD but given shipping costs it could cost you a bit more. Seems a bit high for just a candle that will only really be burnt for the game and those who have no sense of smell but it's an interesting idea. Just be sure to have others around for safety if you are playing with the PS VR headset on and such.

Resident Evil 7 — 4D VR Candle

Get ready to take your VR experience to the next level with our Resident Evil 7 4D candle! Featuring the official scent of the Baker Family Mansion, this blood-red candle when lit will bring a whole new dimension of fear to your play - whether you want it or not! This video shows the effects of the candle on some unsuspecting victims. This candle is officially licensed and is meant for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, a new instalment in the classic series of horror games - available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

It is a bit interesting to see this as this is kind of the second major game recently to have this kind of gimmick mixed into the pay. South Park: The Fractured But Whole had the same thing set up for some of its demos in the past if you remember; although I'm going to guess that Resident Evil 7's candle will be a more pleasant smell than the one for that game. It also does bring up an interesting idea none the less though of having an attachment for the headsets out there that can have filled reservoirs of smells that can release during gameplay to give further games the 4D feel. Although I think I would hold out until a game that is meant to be filled with great smelling things comes out before giving it all a try.

Resident Evil 7 — 4D VR Candle

What do you think about this new 4D experience candle for Resident Evil 7 that has just been announced? Are you willing to give it a try or is the price a bit much to attack your senses in yet another way just for a video game? Do you think that other games are going to keep trying this as we go on or will it be a fad that dies out? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss there as well. For more on Resident Evil 7 in all of its weird aspects, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep it all coming to you. Apparently no matter how off color it could be…