Mass Effect: Andromeda's Tempest & Nomad Are Here To Be Briefed On

Mass Effect

Another briefing video for Mass Effect: Andromeda has released to give us a quick rundown on Mass Effect: Andromeda's two main vehicles we will be piloting in the game

We had a nice little taste of Mass Effect: Andromeda last week as well as word that it would be officially coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21st. Then we had a nice little tease from BioWare that a new briefing video would be out for the Andromeda Initiative event currently going on right now. More or less it is all about getting the information about Mass Effect: Andromeda out there in a fun little way as well as provide a bit of a distraction as we wait for the release date to finally come. Also I am sure that EA wants us to all get even more hyped for the game in general so I'm going to go a limb and guess this is what we are in store for until the 21st finally comes around.

Anyways, we have a new video for Mass Effect: Andromeda and this one shows off the Tempest and the Nomad we will get to pilot and drive around in the game at some point. The Tempest is more or less the newer version of the Normandy and comes with weapons benches, a research room, engineering, medical bay, crew quarters, a war room, and even a vehicle bay for the Nomad. I'm guessing most of these will be explorable at some point in Mass Effect: Andromeda as there wouldn't be much of a reason to explain them all if they were just the fluff of how things get done on the ship. Then again, it totally could be.

Then we have the Nomad which will be the land vehicle in Mass Effect: Andromeda that we will get to drive around in. More or less it looks like it will function as the Mako but possibly with a bit more speed and heft mixed into it all. At least that is part of the takeaway here from the recent briefing video. Of course there will also be customization and upgrading as the Nomad features a lot of modular bits to it and we get to see a few different paint jobs that BioWare has to share with us. Hopefully there will be more than these but for now that is all we have for Mass Effect: Andromeda and the Nomad here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Tempest And Nomad Briefing

Welcome to the Andromeda Initiative’s Tempest and Nomad briefing. Hear from the Tempest’s pilot and familiarize yourself with this state-of-the-art scout ship and its all-terrain rover, the Nomad. Completion of this briefing contributes to all recruits unlocking exclusive equipment for use in the field.

Now that you've seen them, what are your thoughts on the Tempest and Nomad in Mass Effect: Andromeda here? Do you like the new designs and think that we will get to have full reign over them or will they just be set pieces in the lore and game? Do you think that the Nomad will be a faster version of the Mako in the game or is that all just how it is hyped here? Let us know and feel free to discuss down in the comments as we wait. For more on Mass Effect: Andromeda and the future "briefing" videos, be sure to stick around here. We'll have them up and running for you just as quick as we can.