The Horror Is Out In Force With Resident Evil 7's New Trailer

Resident Evil 7

A new trailer for Resident Evil 7 has popped up online and it shows off a good chunk of Resident Evil 7's horror aspect as well as a few other things

There is nothing like a good dose of Horror to wake us up in the morning and that is just what we have here for Resident Evil 7 in its new trailer for the game. It may not be the jump-scare and gore that you may be thinking of, but it is a nice look at the horror that Capcom has put together to bring the franchise back to its roots in the genre. Resident Evil 7 has been getting more and more attention for just that and since the demo popped up for all to experience now it has only been escalating more as we get ever so closer to the January 24th release date. Now just to get truly ready to give it all a try in VR as that seems to be the task that many still can't get the courage up to do.

I will not it here that the new trailer here for Resident Evil 7 does hail from Biohazard France and is filled with French text here. There is nothing said in the trailer here as it looks to be designed to show off the horror aspect more than anything, so you shouldn't need to worry at all. It is interesting to note that it does look like we get to see a few different types of weapons in the possession of the character here which ties back to the weapons that we saw in the data-mining update a little while ago. But more or less this video here is set to creep you out more than reveal anything truly new for Resident Evil 7 today. It is all just fun and video games here…

Now sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy another fun clip for Resident Evil 7. It's just always so much fun to see more of it and now that release date can't get here any sooner for me. Enjoy.

Resident Evil 7 — We All Have A Family

Does this video solidify the Resident Evil 7 horror aspect more for you or does it leave you where you were before? Did you catch the other weapons in use here or did they flash by too fast for you to catch? What other new scenes did you spy here as I know there were a few mixed in for me? Let us know and feel free to discuss down in the comments. For more on Resident Evil 7 in any form, be sure to stick right here. We'll keep it all coming at you up and then past the launch as it is all revealed.