For Honor's Season Pass Of DLC Has 'Leaked' Out There To The World

For Honor

The list of season pass content coming to For Honor has popped up online and shows that For Honor will be getting ninjas and centurions

Looks like there was a bit of a mix-up over there at the For Honor website as it looks like the contents of the Season Pass accidentally found their way online and for us all to gaze upon. Yes, it looks like someone over at Ubisoft pulled the trigger a little early on the announcement as the content showed up on the site and then vanished. Of course, it was on the internet long enough that someone surfing around the For Honor site was able to snag the images and now we have a list of what will be coming with all of the sweet DLC that is promised for those who paid a little extra for the game. At least to get it all early…

As it looks here, For Honor's season pass will be working similar to the way that Rainbow Six's did in that all of the DLC will be free for all who own the game, but for those who paid extra, they can get it all a week early and without having to grid the in-game currency to unlock it all. It does seem like we would be paying a bit more for just the vanity stuff in this case but some gamers just want to have it all out of the gate and this is how they can do it. At least if they picked up the Deluxe or Gold editions of For Honor as those are the ones that come with the Season Pass built into the cost of it all. Not to mention all of the fun little extra goodies for the game you physically get.

It interesting to note here that while it does state that six new warriors are coming to For Honor through the DLC and Season Pass holders can access it first, we do seem to spot what looks like a Ninja and a Centurion in the mix with the rest being placeholders until Ubisoft can officially confirm it all. This is just the general assumption we, and the rest of the internet, have been making from just the basic looks of it all, but it makes a bit of sense. At least when it comes to the samurai faction as the other looks to be more in line with the knights and may need a bit of a stretch to fit right in. But For Honor is a video game so we can overlook that stuff here.

For Honor — Season Pass
For Honor — Season Pass

Gold pack contents:

  • 6 All-new warriors (plus 1 week early access)
  • Early access to new content
  • Exclusive sunbeam emote for all 12 warriors
  • 3 scavenger crates
  • Exclusive Emblem
  • 30-day champion status
  • 3 unique helmet crests
  • Deluxe edition emblem
  • Special execution smoke effect
  • 7 day champion status

What are your thoughts on the Season Pass here coming to For Honor? Do you like the setup of getting access to the big pieces first and only having the vanity stuff be exclusive or should this all just be in the final build of the game without need of incentives to pay more for the game? What other warriors do you think we are going to get here as it should be two for each faction that we can unlock? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on For Honor though, be sure to stick around the site here as we'll keep all of the news and updates coming right at you.