We'll Soon Be Able To Go To Liberty City In Grand Theft Auto V… In A Way

Grand Theft Auto V

Liberty City is coming to Grand Theft Auto V thanks to the work of some modders out there and it will flow in Grand Theft Auto V just as DLC

If you are here then you are most likely excited to see that Grand Theft Auto V is going to be letting us venture across the ocean in game and actually make it to Liberty City. It was on the map and in the distance from the start back when Rockstar Games first launched the game so it seems like it would be about time to see it coming. That is why we are here to show off that Grand Theft Auto V is indeed getting opened up to include this location and all of the other ins and outs that came with GTAIV in the near future. Just like with all great things though, it is only coming via MOD and on the PC version of the game. Sorry to those PS4 and Xbox One fans out there.

As it turns out, a group of modders for Grand Theft Auto V by the name of OpenIV has been working on this since the game launched on the PC in 2015. Just like us they saw the landscape and wanted to actually make it there. That's where their modding skills come in and when it is ready there will be a bit of software that will patch the original Grand Theft Auto V on your system with a DLC patch and then BOOM; you'll be right in the mix of it all. Of course though, there are caveats that have to be taken in here and some may not like it.

Grand Theft Auto V — Liberty City Teaser

OpenIV Team presents Liberty City in GTA V

Today we are proud to announce the project we worked on since initial Grand Theft Auto V release. Liberty City is finally coming into Grand Theft Auto V in all its glory. We have a little teaser trailer for you.

Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, but appears across the sea. Using the power of OpenIV and openFormats, we was able to bring Liberty City right into Grand Theft Auto V map. More details coming soon.

First off, while the MOD will be placed out there for all, it will only be usable by gamers who own both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV. They don't want to get sued by Rockstar Games for giving out the other game for free after all. If you have both then you can run their bit of software that will package up GTAIV with all of the upgrades and changes needed to work in Grand Theft Auto V proper. Like I said, it will be added on like a bit of DLC and all of the content from Liberty City will be playable in one place without having to swap between games.

This does look like it will cause issue with those playing the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V so do take that into account when getting jazzed for all of this. Running this mod will most likely get you banned from the online service and all of the negatives that go with that as well. The team is also looking for people to help with the upgrading of visuals and textures for Liberty City and if that doesn't go well then you may not have the smoothest transition from one game to the other. Just things to think about as you get amped or let down here.

What do you think about this new mod that brings Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto V now? Will you give it a try knowing it will most likely get you banned from the online play? Do you think it will get the upgrades truly needed to feel like it will be a seamless move from one to the other or will it still be noticeable in the long run? Let us know what you are thinking about all of that down in the comments and then discuss. For more on this Grand Theft Auto V mod as it is released, we will try to have the information here. Be sure to keep locked into the site for all of those updates soon.