The Next Installment Of Call Of Duty Has Been Teased & The Speculation Flies

Just like last year, the next Call Of Duty title has been given a tease and many have their thoughts on where Call Of Duty is going in 2017

Maybe you saw it or maybe you missed it with all of the New Years celebrating going on but the next installment of Call Of Duty has been teased out there in some manner. At least this is the speculation given what happened last year with Infinite Warfare and what Sledgehammer Games posted just at the beginning of the year. They are working on the next Call Of Duty title for 2017 for those who missed the trade-off that has been going on to make sure there is a new title every year. None the less, they posted something just as Activision had the other developer post last year and if in indication is true then this has some game hints mixed into it all.

Before we dive in to all of the insanity that this little tweet and video has caused, here's just what we are talking about for the next Call Of Duty title.

Call Of Duty — 2017

It isn't much to look at but of course the internet being full of armchair detectives it may have hidden some interesting clues to where the next Call Of Duty title may be taking us. Some of the outlandish ideas have spawned from the numbers on the counter for the lock that we see here; all based on the numbers above and below the 2017 that it all ends on. 1906 and 3128 would be those numbers to save you any headache. But those are what some think the year will be in this Call Of Duty title and in turn the setting. Both seem extremely odd if it is true though as there wasn't anything major going on back in 1906 and it doesn't seem like the extreme future would be a setting we are already for. That is unless we are getting Call Of Duty: Futurama of some sorts. Could you imagine?

Some more level headed fans out there have also been looking more that the words in the Tweet more than the visuals and that all actually points to something that fans of Call Of Duty have been wanting to see again since Black Ops. That would be us returning to the Vietnam War and getting back to the roots of the franchise and ditching the future tech. Of course this is also speculation but what is interesting here is that when word of the Zodiac was mentioned it links 2017 to 1969 given that both are the year of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac. 1969 would place us firmly into the Vietnam War and we've already seen it in action very well in past Call Of Duty titles.

Of course all of this is speculation and Sledgehammer Games and Activision have not given a final word on when or where the next Call Of Duty title will be taking place. With fans getting tired of the futuristic version of warfare though and loving this particular era, I wouldn't be too surprised if we saw Call Of Duty: Vietnam again or at least something along the same lines. Or maybe something truly different and out there that none of us even want to fathom just yet like the canned Call Of Duty: Roman War title that was making the rounds not too long ago. We can at least hope right?

What are your thoughts on this new Call Of Duty teaser here? Do you think it means anything or is it just the developers having fun and keeping us guessing as we head toward a grander announcement? Do you agree that Vietnam looks to be a setting they will go to or would you like something as drastic as the Roman Wars title>? Let us know and add to the speculation down in the comments. As more on this new Call Of Duty developers, we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking back in as I am sure you won't want to miss out on it.