Here's A New Montage Of Death Out Of For Honor's Gameplay

For Honor

A montage of executions from For Honor has been placed online and shows only some of kills that For Honor will let us do in the final game

There is nothing like a good montage for a game like For Honor and here we have yet another one that focuses on some of the executions that can be done in the game. It is by no means a showing of all of the kills that Ubisoft has in store for us in the final build, especially since we still have more heroes to meet, but it is a nice collection that is out there to build on. At least that is the hope because if For Honor had only these few shown here then I'd start to question what we are going to get in the final build of the game and what we are really waiting for when the game launches on February 14th. I'll wait until then for now.

As I mentioned, this isn't the full list nor is it the only montage of kills in For Honor that can found out there. It is one that does show a lot of the more recent ones to gaze upon though and is worth sitting right though to see all kinds of bloodshed. I of course would have liked to see it focus in a few other areas of the game but in a game about war what else can we expect? It isn't a flower picking game nor is For Honor a nice walk through the park. It is a brutal kill all of your enemies kind of thing and that is what we want in the multiplayer as well as the campaign.

Have a look and enjoy all of the fresh murder that is here in For Honor. Hopefully once the beta opens up to more gamers out there we will get to see a lot more death and carnage as well as some new heroes doing what they need to do best in this game. That is to kill each other if you still haven't seen the theme here in For Honor.

For Honor — Executions Montage

Here are some of our best executions we have experienced in our time playing For Honor in a nice, handy montage for you to enjoy!

What was you favorite execution so far in For Honor or in this latest video? Do you think that Ubisoft will give us even more after launch via the dreaded DLC they so love to do? Have you had a chance to play the game so far and have been able to deal out your own version of this glorious murder with your own hands? Let us know and feel free to discuss down in the comments. For more on For Honor be sure to keep checking back in here. We'll try to get more substance and details for the game in the future as we too are tired of the short montages.