For Honor Has Yet Another Collector's Edition If The First One Wasn't Enough

For Honor

The Apollyon Collector's Edition of For Honor has just been shown off from GameStop in case you needed more For Honor goodies to adorn your game cave

If you've been waiting to see the next big collector's edition coming to For Honor then you are in luck as we have a new one to look at as the original has already sold out. That would be the version that came with the three different helmets on stands that Ubisoft sold through their store a little while back. Now we get a new one right out of GameStop to look at and maybe drop some extra cash on For Honor to get some extra little goodies. All for the not-so-low price of $219.99 USD. Holy crap that is a lot so hopefully it is better than the $129.99 USD version we once had a chance to pick up.

Let's have a look at what this version of For Honor comes with here. Obviously the Gold Edition of the game has some extra customization items, special executions, the core game, and the season pass. It also comes with a limited edition Lithograph, Origins Note, and statue all from the main Warlord in For Honor named Apollyon. The statue stands at about 14 inches high but I am not sure if that includes the base or not. None the less, that is what the hefty price tag will run you if this happens to be the edition of the game you want to pick up. Seems a bit off for the price tag but still…

For Honor — Apollyon Collector's Edition
  • For Honor Gold Edition
  • 14″ Apollyon Statue — Standing at over a foot tall, this highly-detailed statue features an accurate reproduction of Apollyon, For Honor’s main Warlord.
  • Exclusive Apollyon Lithograph — The Warlord of the Blackstone Legion seeks to bring war to her enemies in this exclusive Limited Edition Lithograph.
  • Origins Note — Go deeper into the battlefields of For Honor as you uncover Apollyon’s previously untold origins. What secrets lie in the past of the Blackstone Legion’s mysterious leader?
  • Premium Collector’s Edition Packaging

Of course it doesn't do much to complain if you missed out on the original For Honor collector's edition that Ubisoft had for us as it is currently sold out, at least as of this post, but it does beg the question of if GameStop is jacking up the price more than they should. I mean, the other edition came with three full-metal helmets that should stand about 6 inches in height. At least that is the assumption based on the 1/3 scale and if the designers are working from the traditional 18 inches in height for each. The other version even comes with a game soundtrack instead of an Origins Note. It seems like the almost hundred dollar price hike is a bit much. Even if the statue is as tall as it claims.

What are your thoughts on the latest For Honor collector's edition that we have here? Do you think the price is worth it or has it been inflated because they know that the other one is sold out? Is this the version you are going to buy because it is what you wanted or will you be stuck with it or the standard editions like most other gamers out there? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on For Honor in all of its forms, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep it all flowing out as we can.