Battlefield 1 Couldn't Recreate The Real World Christmas Truce In The Game

Battlefield 1

It looks like the real word comparison to Battlefield 1 has ended for now as Battlefield 1 players fail to recreate the Christmas Truce of WWI

The time has come and gone and it looks like Battlefield 1 players just couldn't hold back their killing urges long enough to try and recreate the great Christmas Truce of WWI. At least not on their own as it could have been forced by DICE and EA but it was not and only boiled down to some players trying to recreate it all as well as Battlefield 1 has been trying to do in general. It seems the killing of soldiers was more fun in a game about doing that all the other times of year than standing by and not doing that for a single day. It makes sense to me but still was a fun social experiment that some tried to pull off none the less.

For those not familiar with the original history of it all, there is a nice new video that popped up to explain it all and was brought into a campaign to have a cease fire in Battlefield 1 over at least Christmas day. Of course, gamers who just got the game most likely couldn't hold back to play with the shiny new game but this wasn't a sole issue if anyone truly wanted to make it happen.

Battlefield 1 — The Christmas Truce Of WWI

All about the Christmas Truce of 1914, in the trenches on the Western Front. Hundreds of thousands of British and German soldiers laid down their weapons for a day in celebration of the holiday! :D

It is interesting to note that data-miners have already found a dogtag title "Holiday Truce" in the Battlefield 1 code and it has been confirmed by DICE to be there as well. There just wasn't any word on how to snag it just yet. This is what caused the first idea to call the in-game truce so all could unlock the dogtag; at least for some players. Others were hoping that there would have been a specific event that had players engaging in snowball fights and small games of soccer instead of the shooting and killing. That would have made more sense and could have been optional, but given how other things have been unlocked in the franchise's history it makes sense that there could have been something a bit more challenging to unlock it all.

To be honest here, I think that would be the only real way to have it unlock and give players the option to have a ceasefire. At least short of shutting down the Battlefield 1 multiplayer servers for the day to enforce the small setting down of arms that actually did occur. That would have upset many of the new players as well so I'm guessing that could be a better reason as to why EA didn't go with that option. It's just interesting to see that there were people trying and failing due to other gamers just wanting to murder each other and AI bots. Maybe something telling about our current society here?

Did you try to take part in the Battlefield 1 Holiday Truce even though many others didn't? Do you think that by not playing over the holiday that the dogtag may just unlock after the new year as some of the real-world stories claim it went on for? Would a snowball fight or soccer in-game, optional event been the better way to try and get this to be a thing? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is any update on this of the Battlefield franchise though, we will have it here for you. Be sure to stay locked into the site here for all of those updates.