See For Honor's Latest Three Heroes In Action In A New Elimination Mode

For Honor

Another look at For Honor's latest heroes has been released along with a look at a new mode in For Honor that brings a new team dynamic

A few weeks back we had a look at a new character for each faction in For Honor and a little bit of the story going on. Things were explained a bit as we had the chance to look at them in action but it's always fun to get a refresher and that is what Ubisoft has for us here today. This would be the Shugoki, Warlord, and Peacekeeper just in case you missed out on the original look we were all given. Not only that but a look at the new multiplayer mode, Elimination, coming to For Honor when it launches on February 14th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

It is interesting to see that two of the three here have been given some truly new gameplay mechanics in For Honor and I'm guessing they will come later to the others too. The Shugoki have the ability to ignore interruption in combat when swinging the massive club around. It makes sense as they are using a lot of momentum and a basic slash wouldn't truly stop them but hopefully it doesn't get too out of hand. Like I can see the Peacekeeper's ability to cause bleed damage with their off-weapon. I can see this easily moving to the other factions given that each of them should have their assassin type character for us to enjoy. Even with the symbol of the Creed on them.

For Honor — Three New Heroes Face Off In Tactical New Mode

The hulking Shugoki, the bruising Warlord, and the devious Peacekeeper show off their particular sets of skills and Elimination mode brings a new team combat dynamic to For Honor.

I am a bit confused on how the new mode is supposed to play out based on this new video for For Honor that was aimed to explain it all. It looks like a general battle royal without the ability to respawn in the match. I am not sure how the whole teamwork thing gets mixed in unless it is something that has to be set before you join in the fight. It should have seemed a bit more straight forward but it seems like there may be more going on that isn't explained just yet. At least it looks like we will be able to cross factions in this mode; or at least that is how it looks here when a Shugoki and Peacekeeper take down a Warlord. Maybe I just missed something here…

What are your thoughts on these characters now in For Honor? Does this new mode make sense when it is just words and no visuals or is it really just buddy up and kill whoever is there without worry of faction? Do you agree that all factions will get a way to deal bleed and ignore damage interruption? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on For Honor as it comes, be sure to stick around here as we'll keep the updates on it all flowing out as we can. Don't miss out on a single thing.