King's Quest Just Silently Received An Epilogue Episode For Us To Enjoy

King's Quest

A new episode for King's Quest has been released for all who happened to own the full season of King's Quest with very little notice given at all

Here we go with yet another odd holiday gift, and seemingly out of nowhere, but a new episode of King's Quest has been released this week to those who have been playing close attention to the title the whole time. It looks like The Odd Gentlemen have given us one more episode in terms of an epilogue to the whole story and did so with nothing more than a mere tweet out there. Seems kind of strange to not boast this in any other form, especially given how Sierra Entertainment has been with King's Quest since they first brought it out so long ago, but none the less we have it and it is currently out there to download and hopefully enjoy. At least if your preferred stores have been updated with it already.

Given that there wasn't much put out there for this King's Quest episode, we are left wondering what the story will entail. It does look like it will carry on the story of Gwendolyn based on the teaser image that was also placed out there. Of course this makes sense where the core story left off but it would have been nice to see a bit of what is coming or to see if this is going to be a full length episode or just building up for a second season of King's Quest. Of course that could upset a lot of the hardcore fans of the franchise given who would need to be the protagonist moving forward but I'd be interested to see where it all goes.

Just as the information on the story and action of this final episode of King's Quest we have here, it looks like how to gain access to this epilogue is also a bit light on the info. As of right now it looks like only those who purchased a full season pass for the game will be able to gain access to this extra episode. At least that is based on the fact that those who bought only by the episode are asking how do they get access to this online. This could just be a hiccup in the stores out there and all will be able to get it, but for now it is only those who have experience the whole game or at least have this version of King's Quest sitting in their backlog.

Are you shocked to see that The Odd Gentlemen only quietly announced this episode of King's Quest right before the big break? Do you think that it was planned this way for a specific reason when it comes to the episode? Do you think it will all be Gwendolyn and then the next season, if there is one, will be her tales and adventures? Let us know down in the comments what you are thinking and then discuss. As we dig up more on King's Quest here, we will have it up on the site for you. Be sure to keep on the lookout for more as we head into the new year.