Resident Evil 7 Welcomes PC Gamers To The Family With The Famed Demo

Resident Evil 7

The PC version of the Resident Evil 7 demo has been released and we already have a look at Resident Evil 7 running with some great gaming specs

Good news for all those PC gamers who wanted to give Resident Evil 7 a try just as those PS4 and Xbox One gamers have been for a bit now. The Beginning Hour demo has finally hit Steam for all of you to give it all a play and see what Capcom has set up for us all when January 24th finally hits us all next year. Still such a long wait for Resident Evil 7 but I have full faith that it will be worth it and that is just based on the slowly released version of the demo and not what everyone no has access to go out and download right now. At least if you have the option to and of course the time based on all of the holiday events that could be going on right now for you.

Anyways, the full version of the Resident Evil 7 demo is out there on Steam and with it comes all of the video and audio settings that can be altered and set up to bring even more terror to us all. Everything looked already so impressive from the onset of what we had from E3 but now we can only imagine what is to come. Or maybe not as it looks like someone has already played the PC version of the Resident Evil 7 demo and has already posted the gameplay for all to see. Also with some rather decent graphical settings even though it all looks just about the same across all platforms but that could just be my eyes and not everyone's.

Have a look at the gameplay just below. It only shows off what has been seen since the first Resident Evil 7 demo landed but as it looks and described, we should be able to experience everything that those PS4 gamers can. Well, at least outside of the VR stuff which seems odd for Capcom to leave out in the PC version of the game but I'm going to guess that PlayStation paid a whole lot for the exclusive there and we can only hope for a mod or update later on down the road for Resident Evil 7 on the PC. Or hope it doesn't come as that whole experience is something truly terrifying when all is said and done.

Resident Evil 7 — PC Demo Gameplay

Resident Evil 7 PC Demo Gameplay

i7-6700K + GTX 1080

Will you be giving the Resident Evil 7 demo a solid play now that it is up on Steam for all to experience? Can you see the graphical advancement or does it still look about the same with only a few minor upgrades? Do you think we'll see and update or mod that gives us the ability to play the whole game in VR outside of the PSVR version? Let us know and then discuss down in the comments. As more on Resident Evil 7 comes out though, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of those updates as the release date is quickly approaching us all.