ARK: Survival Evolved Is Going Virtual With Newly Announced ARK Park

ARK Park

A new VR experience is coming with ARK Park as it will expand on aspects of the core title that ARK Park's VR would only be able to deliver to us all

We've seen a few VR experiences that give us a feel for Jurassic Park but it looks like we are going to be getting a solid on here with ARK Park in 2017. At least a version that does what the original parks were intending to do without all of the crazy need to not be killed by dinosaur's aspect of it all. I guess Snail Games is going to leave all of that to ARK: Survival Evolved given that ARK Park is based in the same game universe and all about the fun experiences and not the dread of having to outrun all of those horrible beasts. That could be fun but totally left for Studio Wildcard to handle and not this title.

As it is explained, ARK Park will place us into a virtual world via Oculus, Vive, or PS VR where we are in the visitor's center of the main park. Here we can look around and go on different excursions to track down holographic and 'real' dinosaurs and beasts. Some of these will take place with us walking the character around in the wilds of ARK Park, others will have us riding around in safe vehicles to track them all down, and the best version will be on the backs of the creatures directly. Yes, we will be mounting up and riding on some dinosaurs all in VR. Where do we throw our money right? RIGHT?!?

Not too much else for ARK Park has been revealed so far outside of all of this though. Not that there really needs to be much more to sell a lot of us on the idea. It does sound like there will be a feature to allow us to "capture" dinosaurs as well se we can bring back their DNA to the hub and learn more about them all. Also a few other things you'd expect in a park like ARK Park is modeled after but I'm guessing the really good stuff is going to be saved until a later date when it can be truly shown off outside of the following trailer to tease it all. Have a look and get ready for 2017 to bring us back into the park. Well, at least a park.

ARK Park — Teaser Trailer

Snail Games today unveiled further details on ARK Park, a vivid new virtual reality experience that will let players explore and encounter more than 100 creatures from the Jurassic era. ARK Park, which showcases dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures from the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, will be available in 2017 on the three leading VR platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation™VR.

Studio Wildcard, the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved, will be creative consultants on this upcoming VR title, with Snail’s Peacock Studio directing the project. ARK stalwarts will have their skill and cunning in taming primeval creatures rewarded in this new game, as they can import their own collected dinosaurs from the original survival game into a up-close and personal, full VR experience!

Players begin their ARK Park adventure at a visitor center surrounded by life-sized holographic dinosaurs where they'll learn about these creatures that they’ve only read about & seen in books and summer blockbusters. From there, players will have the option to explore multiple interactive attractions on-foot or in vehicles & on Dino-back, including a swamp, forest, desert, snowy mountain range, and more. Each attraction features stunningly rendered and realistic environments of the period inhabited by ARK creatures, which can be found and captured through use of items, weapons, and puzzle-solving.

Were you certain that something like ARK Park was going to be coming here from ARK: Survival Evolved or is this a bit of a shock? Do you think that we will get full range when riding the dinosaurs or will it be on the rails as would be the safe assumption? How detailed do you think that the developers here are going to go with everything in terms of education? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. For more on ARK Park as it comes, be sure to stick right here as we'll keep bringing you more exciting tidbits like this as they pop up in our lives.