Have A Nice Day With Some New Gameplay For The Surge

The Surge

More gameplay for The Surge has been released to give us a look at some of the systems in The Surge during the pre-alpha phase of it all

It is always a nice day when we get more gameplay for any video game and here we go with more for The Surge. Sure this isn't the first bit of gameplay that we've seen for the game but it is the most recent given to us from Deck 13 and to show off some of the game's mechanics that may not have been focused on during Gamescom or E3 in the past. Maybe they were in smaller viewings but that doesn't detract that Focus Home Interactive has released some new gameplay for The Surge for all of us to enjoy. Or not enjoy. It's up to you really based on your gaming wants and needs.

Don't let me hold back any longer though. Have a look at the latest gameplay for The Surge that covers more on the combat and limb severing mechanics that we will have to get familiar with if we want to survive through the game up to the very end of it all.

The Surge — Gameplay

Result of unspoken experiments, volatile prototypes built from secret nano-technology, or simply efficient death machines built for maintaining security in high-risk environments, these enemies leave no room for mistakes during combat. The slightest misstep, or moment of hesitation, will certainly mean death for you. However, these enemies wear some of the best equipment, weapons and implants you can claim for your own use. You'll have to decide if you wish to secure a victory, attacking their weak spots, or make your life a bit harder and aim for their armored parts, hoping to recover this precious equipment that will make you stronger, faster, tougher.

I need to stress this, not only to you but myself again, this is considered pre-alpha footage for The Surge here. The little watermark in the corner dictates it. The reason for that stressing again is because it looks like there is a lot of work still needed here for the game. At least in terms of making the fighting mechanics look and play out a lot more fluid. Like I said, Deck 13 has this in a very early stage and that is what we are seeing. What I was not seeing is any rhyme or reason to the gameplay mechanics that were discussed before. It was a lot of arm flailing and metal clanking with little indication of more going on.

Maybe it was the finishing moves that we could employ here in The Surge that they wanted us to focus on here. Even that though seems a bit off as you have to hold and "charge" the finishing attack when the enemy is weakened. In this sample of gameplay it works but what happens when you are surrounded by multiple enemies and don't have the luxury of holding a button down to attack. It deviates from what we know but it too doesn't seem to blend in with fluidity. Maybe a bit more on the realism but in a game like The Surge it doesn't feel "right." Then again, pre-alpha. We need to remember that…

What are your thoughts on the new gameplay for The Surge here? Did it look a bit sluggish to you as well or do you think this is what the team is going for? Do you think that the hold-and-wait mechanic for finishers will be a good thing or just a placeholder for now? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss everything. As more on The Surge is released, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking back in so you can see and hear everything for the game as we head towards its final release date.